Election Notice

The Division will elect the Assembly Clerk, Secretary, Treasurer, one (1) nominee to the ABA Board of Governors, one (1) representative to the Nominating Committee and one (1) representatives to the ABA House of Delegates at the ABA Annual Meeting in August of 2020 in Chicago, IL.

Eligible individuals must submit their candidacy by written notice to the current Secretary, with a copy to the Assembly Speaker, and the Staff Director Sara Stretch by the adjournment of the Division's Assembly in February, 2020 at the ABA Midyear Meeting in Austin, TX. The written notice must specify a single position sought. There is no special form. It is suggested that a candidate's statement simply identify the candidate (by name, address, and telephone number) and say, "Please accept this letter as my written notice of candidacy for [position/title]."

Declared Candidates for YLD Election 2020

Josephine (Jo) Bahn  (DC)
Jerome Crawford (MI)

Kareem Aref (CA)
Brandon Lee Wolff (NJ)

YLD Nominee to the BOG (1 spot)
Jamie Davis (KS)

House of Delegates Representative (1 spot)
Aastha Madaan (CA)

Nominating Committee Representative  (1 spot)
Tommy Preston (SC)

Assembly Clerk
Abre’ Conner (CA)
Peter Handy (NV)

Running for Office

Am I eligible? No person is eligible for candidacy unless he or she (1) has been a member of the Division since the preceding annual meeting; (2) registered for and attended the preceding annual or midyear meeting or at least one national conference since the preceding annual meeting; and (3) attends the election, unless excused.

Officers: No person is eligible as an officer unless he or she can and does continue as a Division member throughout his or her term (including, in the case of the Chair-Elect, the ensuing term of the Chair).

Constitutional Representatives: No person shall be eligible as a constitutional representative unless he or she is a Division member when his or her term begins, or otherwise satisfies the constitutional qualifications. For the ABA Board of Governors, the term does not begin until the annual meeting after the Division "elects" its nominee.

Am I a member of the Division? Membership is open to American Bar Association members under 36 years old or admitted to practice for five years or less.

What are the rules? The Division Bylaws govern elections; the provisions that relate to the eligibility for office, candidacy, and elections appear in articles VI-VIII. The Division has also adopted election guidelines and procedures for contested elections.

What experience do I need? The candidates for the "entry-level" positions—Secretary, Treasurer, Assembly Clerk, ABA Board, ABA Nominating Committee, and Delegates to the ABA House of Delegates—have typically held one or more nationally elected positions or several senior appointments at the national level, before seeking election. However, these customs are merely customs, not rules, and any eligible person can run for any available position.

Who do I contact with questions? Contact Staff Director Sara Stretch.

Virtual Town Hall

A virtual Town Hall to solicit feedback from Division members about the current YLD Elections process and timelines was held on April 5, 2019. The recording from the Town Hall can be accessed here. Should you have any thoughts, ideas, questions, or concerns about YLD Election procedures, you may do so by emailing Jamie Davis, ABA YLD Assembly Speaker, at JamDavis@amctheatres.com.