The Council is a representative group of leaders who meet quarterly, at least, to carry out the executive and administrative function for the ABA Young Lawyers Division.


J. Logan Murphy

Christopher Brown

Choi Portis

Dayan Hochman-Vigil

Assembly Speaker
Jamie Davis

Assembly Clerk
Chris Jennison

Constitutional Representatives

ABA Board of Governors Rep
Edward Rawl (2020)

ABA Board of Governors Rep
Sheena Hamilton (2021)

ABA Board of Governors Nominee
Shayda Le (2022)

ABA House of Delegates Rep
Dana Hrelic (2021)

ABA House of Delegates Rep
Daiquiri Steele (2022)

ABA House of Delegates Rep
Sheila Willis (2022)

ABA House of Delegates Rep
Anna Romanskaya (2020)

ABA Nominating Committee Rep
Shenique Moss (2020)


Administrative Director
Austin Thacker

Affiliates Director
Josephine Bahn

Civic Engagement Director
Perry MacLennan

Disaster Legal Services Director
Linda Anderson Stanley

Diversity & Inclusion Director
Tamara Nash

Law Student Outreach Director
Katrina Castillo

Legal Innovation Director
Daniel Elliott

Marketing & Communications Director
Ray Panneton

Member Resources Director
Casey Payton

Membership Director
Sheila Willis

National Conferences Director
Aaron Sohaski

Practice Services Director
Richard Rivera

Practice Services Director
Dani Borel

Public Service Director
Stephen Blevins

TYL Editorial Board

Editor in Chief
Eli Contreras

District Representatives

First District (ME & VT) 2020
Ali Tozier

Second District (CT & RI) 2021
Choity Khan

Third District (MA & NH) 2020
Samuel Segal

Fourth District (NY) 2021
Amanda Longo

Fifth District (PA) 2020
Kyle Perdue

Sixth District (NJ) 2021
Brandon Wolff

Seventh District (DC & DE) 2020
Julius Redd

Eighth District (MD & VA) 2021
Kerri Smith

Ninth District (NC) 2020
Andrew Jones

Tenth District (SC & US VI) 2021
Sutania Fuller

Eleventh District (FL) 2020
Thomas Graham

Twelfth District (AL & GA) 2021
Jen Isaacs

Thirteenth District (MS) 2020
Michael Patrick Everman

Fourteenth District (LA) 2021
Danielle Borel

Fifteenth District (IL & IN) 2020
Bianca Brown

Sixteenth District (TN & KY) 2021
John W. Clifford Phillips

Seventeenth District (WI & MN) 2020
Chloe Sershon

Eighteenth District (OH & WV) 2021
Scott Thomas Ciszewske

Nineteenth District (IA & NE) 2020
Kyle Fry

Twentieth District (MI) 2021
Jerome Crawford

Twenty First District (ND & SD) 2020
William Woodworth

Twenty Second District (KS & MO) 2021

Twenty Third District (AZ & NM) 2020
George Biederman

Twenty Fourth District (OK & AR) 2021
Caroline Shaffer

Twenty Fifth District (South/Central TX) 2020
John Ellis

Twenty Sixth District (North/West TX) 2021
Hisham Masri

Twenty Seventh District (UT & NV) 2020
Peter Patrick Handy

Twenty Eighth District (CO & WY) 2021
Holli Welch

Twenty Ninth District (WA & OR) 2020
Emily Ann Albrecht

Thirtieth District (MT & ID) 2021

Thirty First District (North CA) 2020
Abre' Conner

Thirty Second District (South CA) 2021
Ben Aguilar

Thirty Third District (AK & HI) 2020
Roseann Simko Wall

National Affiliate Representatives

National Asian Pacific American Bar Association - 2021
Peter Kang 

National LGBT Bar Association -  2021
Ted Holmquist

Hispanic National Bar Association -  2020
Andres Acebo

National Bar Association, Inc. -  2021
Chloe Woods

National Native American Bar Association - 2021
Colleen Lamarre

South Asian Bar Association - 2020
Aastha Madaan 

Federal & Military Bar Association - 2020
Fabiani Duarte

Law Students Division Chair

Chair - 2019-2020
Johnnie Nguyen, University of Colorado School of Law