The Council is a representative group of leaders who meet quarterly, at least, to carry out the executive and administrative function for the ABA Young Lawyers Division.


J. Logan Murphy

Christopher Brown

Choi Portis

Dayan Hochman-Vigil

Assembly Speaker
Jamie Davis

Assembly Clerk
Chris Jennison

Constitutional Representatives

ABA House of Delegates Representative 2019
Lacy Durham Dallas, TX

ABA House of Delegates Representative 2019
Stefan Palys Phoenix, AZ

ABA House of Delegates Representative 2020
Anna Romanskaya San Diego, CA

ABA House of Delegates Representative 2021
Dana Hrelic Hartford, CT

ABA Nominating Committee Representative 2020
Shenique Moss Detroit, MI

ABA Board of Governors Representative 2020
Edward Rawl North Charleston, SC

ABA Board of Governors Representative 2021
Sheena Hamilton St. Louis, MO

ABA Board of Governors Nominee  


Administrative Director
Perry MacLennan Charleston, SC

Affiliates Director
Choi Portis Detroit, MI

Civic Engagement Director
Cabell Clay Charlotte, NC

Diversity & Inclustion
Michael Nguyen San Francisco, CA

Legal Innovation Director
Amy Krieg Ann Arbor, MI

Liaisons Director
Kristen Shaffer Cedar Rapids, IA

Membership Director
Sheila Willis Columbia, SC

National Conferences Director
Miriah Holden Honolulu, HI

Practice Services Director
Austin Thacker Orlando, FL

Public Service Director
Sonia Russo Las Cruces, NM

Bar Leadership Director
Karl Riley Las Vagas, NV

Disaster Legal Services Director
Daniel Wade San Francisco, CA

Law Students Outreach Director
Anthony Ciolli St. Thomas, VI

Marketing & Communications Director
Shayda Le Portland, OR

Member Resources Director
Joann Burnett Golfport, FL

District Representatives

First District (ME & VT) - 2020
Ali Tozier Portland, ME

Second District (CT & RI) - 2019
Claire Howard Hartford, CT

Third District (MA & NH) - 2020
Samuel Segal Mineola, NY

Fourth District (NY) - 2019
Natasha Shishov Garden City, NY

Fifth District (PA) - 2020
Kyle Perdue Pittsburgh, PA

Sixth District (NJ) - 2019
Brandon Lee Wolff New York, NY

Seventh District (DC & DE) - 2020
Julius Redd Washington, DC

Eighth District (MD & VA) - 2019
Edwin J. Wu Portsmouth, VA

Ninth District (NC) - 2020
Andrew Jones Wilmington, NC

Tenth District (SC & US Virgin Island) - 2019
Casey Payton St. Thomas, VI

Eleventh District (FL) - 2020
Anthony J. Palermo Tampa, FL

Twelfth District (AL & GA) - 2019
Roberto S. Hoover Americus, GA

Thirteenth District (MS) - 2020
Michael Patrick Everman Jackson, MS

Fourteenth District (LA) - 2019
Danielle Borel Baton Rouge, LA

Fifteenth District (IL & IN) - 2020

Sixteenth District (TN & KY) - 2019
Terica N. Smith Jackson, TN

Seventeenth District (WI & MN) - 2020
Chloe Sershon Moundsview, MN

Eighteenth District (OH & WV) - 2020
Brittany Fink Charleston, WV

Nineteenth District (IA & NE) - 2020
Kyle Fry West DesMoine, IA

Twentieth District (MI) - 2019
Colemon Potts Detroit, MI

Twenty-First District (ND & SD) - 2020
William Woodworth Bismark, ND

Twenty-Second District (KS & MO) - 2019
Rick Davis Overland Park, KS

Twenty-Third District (AZ & NM) - 2020
George Biederman Gilbert, AZ

Twenty-Fourth District (OK & AR) - 2019
Gregory J. Northen Little Rock, AR

Twenty-Fifth District (South/Central TX) - 2020
John Ellis Austin, TX

Twenty-Sixth District (North/West TX) - 2019
Jesse "Jay" Forester Dallas, TX

Twenty-Seventh District (UT & NV) - 2020
Peter Patrick Handy Minden, NV

Twenty-Eighth District (CO & WY) - 2019
Megan Garnett Denver, CO

Twenty-Ninth District (WA & OR) - 2020
Emily Ann Albrecht Seattle, WA

Thirtieth District (MT & ID) - 2019
Debra Anne Groberg Boise, ID

Thirty-First District (North CA) - 2020
Abre’ Conner San Francisco, CA

Thirty-Second District (South CA) - 2019
Brooke A. Weitzman Irvine, CA

Thirty-Third District (AK & HI) - 2020
Roseann Simko Wall Fairbanks, AK

National Affiliate Representatives

National Asian Pacific American Bar Assn - 2019

National LGBT Bar Association - 2019
Ben Aguilar SanDiego, CA

Hispanic National Bar Association - 2020

National Bar Association - 2019
Chloe Woods Christiansted, VI

National Native American Bar Association - 2019
Coleen Lamarre San Francisco, CA

South Asian Bar Association - 2020
Anant Pradhan Redwood City, CA

Federal & Military Bar Association - 2020
Fabiani Duarte Holloman AFB, NM

Law Students Division Chair

Chair - 2019-2020
Johnnie Nguyen, University of Colorado School of Law