2021 Midyear Assembly

Details about the 2021 Midyear Assembly, including resolutions up for debate, can be found here.

The YLD Assembly

The ABA YLD Assembly is the principal policy-making body of the ABA YLD. Have your voice heard and help shape the profession by debating and voting on the resolutions about young lawyer issues.

The Assembly consists of:

  • The Council; Delegates representing the affiliates in each state, each of whom keeps his or her principal office or principal residence in that state. 
  • Two delegates representing each national affiliate, who are members of that affiliate.
  • One delegate appointed by, and representing the chief legal officer of, each of the United States’ armed forces.
  • Young Lawyer Delegates in the House of Delegates from each state.
  • And YLD Scholars

All debates are conducted according to the Rules of Parliamentary Procedure with time given to both pro and con speakers, as appropriate. The resolutions are then voted on by all YLD Assembly delegates.

In order for any external policy position approved by the YLD to take effect, it must also be passed by the ABA House of Delegates.

Assembly Clerk Welcome Video

Delegate Certification

Delegate Registration is now open. Affiliate registration will close January 22, 2021.

To vote in the YLD Assembly you must be certified as a delegate.  Young lawyer state and national bar organizations and military branches (YLD affiliates) choose  Assembly delegates to represent their organization at the Midyear and Annual Meeting Assemblies. If you are interested in serving as a delegate, contact the YLD affiliate organization you would like to represent to express your interest. The affiliate organization must approve your role as a YLD delegate for each meeting before you can be certified.

If you have any questions regarding delegate certification,  please contact the YLD Credentials Board at

For more Tips and Tricks about how to register as a delegate, click here.

Please note that delegates must be ABA members and registered for the ABA Meeting.

Delegate Certification Process

YLD Assembly Operations Review

The YLD has created a task force to review assembly operations and would like your feedback. Please join us for a town hall on December 1, 2020 at 3pm Eastern, when we'll discuss any changes we might need for a virtual Midyear 2021 Assembly. Register here.


Resolutions start as ideas for ways to improve the profession. Resolutions are sometimes called reports with recommendations. The YLD reviews, debates, and votes on Resolutions written by young lawyers and other ABA groups, particularly those that affect young lawyers and the Division. If a resolution is approved by the Assembly it become Division policy. If appropriate, that resolution will then be sent to the ABA House of Delegates for consideration of approval as ABA policy.


Key Contacts

Upcoming Assemblies

  • 2021 Midyear Meeting, February 2021

Policy Matters

The Young Lawyers Division had a busy ABA Annual Meeting and a successful, first-of-its-kind virtual Assembly. Young lawyer delegates came together from across the country to speak with debate resolutions of importance for the legal profession, but also to speak with one voice in the end. The Division adopted 19 resolutions, of which 15 were House of Delegates (HOD) Resolutions. These 15 resolutions were among those that were ultimately adopted by the House during its session on August 3 and 4, 2020, and have officially become ABA policy. 

Of particular interest to our affiliates are the following resolutions, which the YLD was instrumental and drafting and supporting, all of which were adopted:

  • Resolution 100A urges all employers in the legal 1 profession to implement, maintain, and encourage the use of paid family leave policies for the birth, adoption, or foster placement of a child;
  • Resolution 100B supports the interpretation that "race" includes characteristics associated with race, not just skin color, and also supports the adoption of the CROWN Act and similar legislation;
  • Resolution 10D called for an extension of student loan forbearance during the pandemic, lessening the crushing debt load on young professionals; and
  • Resolution 10G asks the highest court or bar admission authority in each state or other licensing jurisdiction to cancel or not administer in person the examination during the COVID-19 crisis unless cleared by public health authorities. The resolution offers several alternative approaches to the bar exam, including a diploma privilege during the crisis.

Before the dust had settled on the Annual Meeting, the Nevada Supreme Court cited Resolution 10G in order about the Nevada bar exam, and the ABA President sent a letter to all chief justices in the country pointing them to Resolution 10G.

We will next meet for Assembly in February 2021, but the Resolution Idea forms are due sooner, on October 15, 2020. Stay tuned for contact from a member of the Resolutions Team as we solicit resolutions ideas!


YLD Governance Matters

In addition to policy debates on August 1, new YLD leaders were elected as well. The slate of elected officers and constitutional representatives can be found here, along with information about how to run for office this year. At the ABA Annual Meeting in August, 2021, the Division will elect its next Assembly Clerk, Secretary, and one (1) representative to the ABA House of Delegates. Declarations can be made for these offices until the end of the Midyear 2021 meeting. Stay tuned to YLD social media for updates about coming candidate interest calls, candidate forums, and more.

You will also, later this year, hear from Assembly Clerk Abre' Conner and her Credentials Board as we prepare for the February 2021 Midyear Meeting and Assembly. Credentials for the 2021 Midyear Meeting will tentatively open on December 15, 2020 and close on February 1, 2021. More information will be communicated as available.