Representatives - Elections

District and National Affiliate Representative Elections

ABA YLD District Representative Positions


September 1, 2021 thru August 31, 2023



Elections must be held, and all submissions must be made by May 1, 2021 via the online form.

Delayed from the original deadline of April 1 in order to
accommodate challenges stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Learn about all available positions and find required documents and other information on our Appointments page.


Eligibility (per ABA YLD bylaws)

§3.4. Districts

b. District representatives

1.       Election. The Affiliates in each district, with each Affiliate (other than a national Affiliate) whose territory falls wholly or partly in the district having one vote, shall biennially elect a district representative. Each odd-numbered district shall elect its representative in each even-numbered year, and vice versa. The Council may make general rules that supplement these bylaws for electing district representatives, subject to which the Affiliates in each district may likewise make rules for nominating and electing their representative.

2. Eligibility

A. No person shall be eligible as a district representative unless he or she

i.   can and does continue as a member throughout his or her time

ii.   keeps his or her principal office or residence in the district throughout his or her term;

iii.  has been a member since the preceding annual meeting; and

iv.  registered for and attended the preceding annual or midyear meeting or at least one national Affiliates outreach conference since the preceding annual meeting

B. A district may waive the requirements in section 3.4(b)(2)

(A)(iii)-(iv) if no person is eligible under them or if no eligible person will serve.

C. No person shall succeed himself or herself, directly or otherwise, as a district representative.

The District Representative must meet the criteria of a “Young Lawyer” within the Division. A “Young Lawyer” means a lawyer who has been admitted to practice in his or her first bar within the past five years, or thirty-six years of age, or younger. Each term starts after the close of the American Bar Association’s bar year, which is August 31. The District Representative’s term will start on September 1 and run for two consecutive bar years.



  1. Serve (or send a proxy to serve) as a voting member of the ABA YLD Council and Assembly.
  2. Attend ABA YLD Council meetings at the Division’s four conferences and its two ABA YLD Assembly sessions at the ABA Annual and Midyear Meetings.
  3. Coordinate Disaster Legal Services programs within the district in partnership with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)and attend related June training before becoming a District Representative.
  4. Act as the liaison between the district’s relevant Affiliate(s) and the ABA YLD.
  5. Provide Affiliates with at least four quarterly updates.
  6. Supply information for the "Around the Country" section of The Affiliate Newsletter.
  7. Ensure the ABA YLD has accurate contact information for each Affiliate and its leaders to ensure effective communication.
  8. Assist in the certification of delegates to the ABA YLD Assembly at the ABA Midyear and Annual Meeting.
  9. Provide input on recommendations and resolutions used in the adoption of policy positions by the ABA YLD and the ABA.
  10. Participate in ABA YLD conferences by attending Affiliate programming, the plenary, and closing sessions when offered. NOTE: Funding is contingent upon the District Representative's attendance and involvement at ABA YLD conferences and meetings.
  11. Provide hands-on assistance to Affiliates implementing ABA YLD programs and projects.
  12. Assist prospective ABA YLD Affiliates by coordinating interaction with the ABA YLD’s Affiliate Assistance Team.



District Representatives are eligible to receive reimbursement for airfare (up to $350), ground transportation (up to $20) and up to three days per diem (up to $100/day) for hotel and food expenses for attendance at the ABA Midyear Meeting and the Spring and Fall ABA YLD Conferences, with appropriate documentation. Funding is not available for the ABA Annual Meeting. New District Representatives who attend the FEMA training receive reimbursement for airfare and a per diem for hotel and food expenses as provided by FEMA. District Representatives are also encouraged to seek additional funding through their state Affiliates or employers to help defray costs not reimbursed by the ABA YLD.


Time Commitment

Except in instances of a federally declared disaster within the district, District Representatives should expect to devote approximately ten (10) hours a month for reviewing information and relevant materials from the ABA YLD, circulating relevant information to their Affiliates, requesting Affiliate updates, and satisfying reporting requirements.


Key Dates for New District Representatives

September 1, 2021 - District Representatives start day.