District Representative Call

District & National Representative  Selection Form

The deadline is May 1, 2021. Report the name of the individual who will serve as the incoming District Representative by using this form.

Open Positions

The following District Representative (DR) positions are expiring as of August 31, 2021. Newly elected DR information is needed for the upcoming 2021-2023 term.


Second District (CT & RI) 2023
Fourth District (NY) 2023
Sixth District (NJ) 2023
Eighth District (MD & VA) 2023
Tenth District (SC & US VI) 2023
Twelfth District (AL & GA) 2023
Fourteenth District (LA) 2023
Sixteenth District (TN & KY) 2023
Eighteenth District (OH & WV) 2023
Twentieth District (MI) 2023
Twenty Second District (KS & MO) 2023
Twenty Fourth District (OK & AR) 2023
Twenty Sixth District (North/West TX) 2023
Twenty Eighth District (CO & WY) 2023
Thirtieth District (MT & ID) 2023
Thirty Second District (Southern CA) 2023

Submit your new District Representative information using the online form.


September 1, 2021 thru August 31, 2023.


Elections or selections must be held by each entity or district, and the names of new Representatives must be submitted by May 1, 2021 via the online form.


To review Election/Eligibility information please visit the Young Lawyers Division website at www.americanbar.org/yld under the ABA YLD bylaws. Information can be found under Article III ยง3.4. Districts (b) District Representative (1-6).