Mediation - When to Use and How to Make it Effective

Mediation - When to Use and How to Make it Effective
Presented by the YLD Dispute Resolution Committee 

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After litigation has begun, mediation is not always viewed as a useful tool to resolve the parties’ dispute.  Specifically, practitioners seem to fear that proposing mediation too early evidences weakness in your case.  Similarly, mediation can also be viewed by practitioners as a waste of time once significant money has been spent during the discovery process in order to prepare your case for trial.

Litigators who regularly participate in mediation, along with an experienced mediator will discuss the benefits of mediation in the litigation process.  In doing so, they will focus on both court ordered and elective mediation.  Participants will gain valuable insights into the mediation process, including a detailed discussion on (1) how to prepare for the mediation and (2) effective ways to represent your client’s interests during the mediation. 

Note: The ABA is not seeking CLE accreditation for this program

Rebecca Young, Owens & Millsaps, LLP, Tuscaloosa, AL

The Honorable Melanie A. Vaughn, Baltimore, MD
Kelly Preteroti, Ober, Kaler, Grimes and Shriver, Baltimore, MD