February 15, 2018

Best Practices for Environmental Justice, Title VI

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Since the 2001 Supreme Court ruling, individuals have not had a private right of action to bring suits for disparate impact cases under Title VI of the Civil Rights Act. However, there is a shift to include race, national origin, and income level in environmental litigation and advocacy regarding siting, permitting, and other environmental impact decisions. This panel will explore how state and federal agencies can assist in filing civil rights complaints. Hear from environmental justice leaders, Title VI experts, and DOJ attorneys regarding Title VI complaints, alternatives to federal complaints in certain states, and best practices in considering those options. 


Abre' Conner, ACLU of Northern California, Fresno, CA


Caroline Farrell, Center on Race, Poverty, and the Environment, Delano, CA

Marianne Engelman-Lado, Earthjustice, New York, NY

Daria Neale, US Department of Justice Civil Rights Division, Washington, DC

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  • ABA YLD Public Education Committee
  • Civil Rights & Social Justice Committee
  • Environment, Energy & Resources Law Committee