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March/April 2013 The Affiliate: "Witness a Volunteer Spirit: Young Lawyers Respond to Hurricane Sandy"

March 2013, ABA Journal, "ABA responds to Superstorm Sandy with a Reinforced Disaster Response Plan"

February 2013, The Indiana Lawyer: "After the storm passes, legal questions swirl"

January/February 2013 The Affiliate: “Academic Partnership Seeks to Better Serve Legal Needs of Disaster Survivors”

12/3/2012 ABA Now “ABA Disaster Legal Services Director on Sandy Recovery, Calls for Volunteerism”

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July/August 2011 The Affiliate: “When Disaster Hits: Disaster Legal Services”

May/June 2011 The Affiliate: “Preparing for and Responding to Disaster: The District Representative’s Role in Disaster Legal Services, and How Affiliates Can Help”

November/December 2008 The Affiliate: “Disaster Legal Services: Providing Legal Services to Victims of National Disasters”