Contest Winners




Sarah Wheeler, Hofstra Law School - Grand Prize Winner

Riley v. California
You wanna' read this?   
You betta' get a warrant,
I wrote this by cell.

Jennifer Greene, Emory University School of Law - Runner-Up

Riley v. California
Passcode? Fingerprint?            
Excuse me kind officer,             
but where's your warrant?

Lenore Montanaro, Western New England University School of Law - Runner-up

Burwell v. Hobby Lobby    
No contraception          
for Hobby Lobby workers--       
"Holey" Corp'rate Veil!


Melissa Hernandez – Grand Prize Winner
DePaul University College of Law

The Healthcare Act stands!
But The Commerce Clause just shrank...
Roberts sleight of hand?

Kevin S. Elliker – Runner Up
William & Mary Law School

On the term's last day,
all eyes affixed for marriage. 
The Hobbs Act... wait, what?

Jessica Watsky – Runner Up
University of Connecticut School of Law

Thank you, Ms. Windsor!
Now I can leave my partner
All my student loans.