2009 ABA YLD Midyear Assembly February 14, 2009 Boston, MA

2009 ABA YLD Midyear Assembly
February 14, 2009
Boston, MA

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2009 Midyear Assembly Recap
  • The ABA YLD’s policy-making body, the Assembly, debated three resolutions at the ABA Midyear Meeting. After a lengthy debate, the Assembly voted to support Resolutions 106 and 111B. Resolution 1YL, which proposed changing the Division's leadership structure, failed. The 173 certified delegates represented 43 U.S. States and Territories, the Hispanic National Bar Association, the National Asian Pacific American Bar Association, and the National Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Bar Association.
  • 2009 Midyear Meeting Assembly Minutes
  • 2009 Midyear Meeting Assembly Agenda and Handouts
  • 2008 YLD National Outstanding Young Lawyer Award Presentation
    • Recipient: Youshea A. Berry, Washington, DC
    • Finalists: David M. Gonzalez, Austin, TX and Tara Richard, New Orleans, LA


YLD Assembly

ABA House of

Debate Calendar

1YLProposes to amend YLD Bylaws to create stand alone YLD Treasurer and Treasurer Elect officer positions.FailedN/A
106Opposes the enactment of federal legislation that would create a federal-question jurisdiction in child custody cases, including cases involving service member-parents and urges states to enact legislation prohibiting denial of child custody to a service member based solely on absence due to military deployment.PassedAdopted
111B Opposes the use of mandatory, binding, pre-dispute arbitration agreements between a long-term care facility and a resident of such facility or person acting on behalf of such resident, and opposes legislation and regulations that would authorize, encourage or enforce such agreements.PassedAdopted As Revised

Consent Calendar

10BUrges Congress to enact legislation amending Title 28, of the United States Code, to provide for the direct payment of attorney fees and costs to the attorney representing a prevailing party in certain Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income claims.PassedAdopted
11-1Amends §45.2(d) of the House Rules of Procedure to clarify that the Committee on Rules and Calendar shall ensure that reports which accompany Reports with Recommendations conform with the final language of recommendations, if revised or amended by the House of Delegates.PassedAdopted
11-2Amends §45.2 of the House Rules of Procedure to provide that, where appropriate, all recommendations adopted by the House of Delegates which urge state legislatures, courts or bar associations to take action shall be understood to include legislatures, courts and bar associations of territories, tribes, local governments, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia.PassedAdopted
101BUrges federal, state, territorial and local governments to initiate, continue and expand the use of mediation as a means to resolve criminal matters, specifically at a time prior to actual case filing.PassedAdopted As Revised
101CSupports legislation and/or administrative standards to ensure due process and access to appropriate legal assistance for persons arrested or detained in connection with immigration enforcement actions and encourages bar associations to raise awareness of the rights available to individuals taken into custody during workplace immigration enforcement actions.PassedAdopted
101DUrges federal, state, tribal, local and territorial governments to ensure that child victims of criminal conduct have prompt access to legal advice and counsel and to specialized services and protections such as those provided by child advocacy centers approved and accredited by the National Children’s Alliance.PassedAdopted
103Urges law firms and other law organizations to adopt the ABA-EPA Law Office Climate Challenge.PassedWithdrawn
108Supports the enactment of legislation and the implementation of public policy to enable a United States citizen or lawful permanent resident who shares a mutual, interdependent, committed relationship with a non-citizen of the same sex to sponsor that person for permanent residence in the United States.PassedAdopted
111AEncourages the federal government to provide funding and support for training, research, exchange of information on practices, consistent collection of data, and development of state, local and territorial standards regarding adult guardianship.PassedAdopted
113Urges state, local and territorial bar associations and the highest court of each state to establish, for those who have an interest in serving in the judiciary, a voluntary pre-selection/election program designed to provide individuals with a better appreciation of the role of the judiciary and to assist them in making a more informed decision regarding whether to pursue a judicial career.PassedAdopted