Delegate Certification Instructions


Annual Meeting
Chicago, IL

YLD Assembly - Friday, August 3, & Saturday August 4, 2018

Delegate Certification for the 2018 Annual Meeting Assembly is now open. Certify delegates using the online certification form.

Delegate Certification - Background Information and Process:

Rule 1 of the YLD Assembly Standing Rules governs the delegate certification process.

Each state bar organization, national affiliate, and military branch is allotted a certain number of delegates.

State Affiliates, Specialty Young Lawyer Affiliates and Military Branches: 

If delegates qualify under state, local, or national affiliate bylaws, you must email a copy of the bylaws to ABA staff, Asia Harris. The state chair has the authority to apportion delegates between affiliates in a manner consistent with the ABA YLD bylaws using the online certification form by July 20.

Prior to the Assembly, delegates will receive an email containing instructions and links to the Assembly documents, including Resolutions.

Please contact YLD Clerk, Daiquiri Steele or YLD Staff, Asia Harris with questions.

Before the Meeting, Delegates Must:

  • Be members of the ABA. Delegates may apply for membership at the time they request certification. They should provide a copy of their application and proof of payment with the certification materials.
  • Be members of the affiliate they are representing as a delegate.
  • Have their principal office in the state in which they are a delegate, if participating on behalf of a state bar organization.
  • Have their names and information submitted by their state bar organization, national affiliate, or military branch using the online certification form.
  • Register for the Meeting. 


At the Meeting, Delegates Must:

  • Pick-up their ABA Meeting name badge from ABA registration.
  • Check-in/certify onsite with the YLD at the ABA headquarter hotel to receive their delegate ribbon. Delegates will need their ABA Meeting name badge or pre-registration card for this process.
  • Bring their ABA registration badge and delegate ribbon to the Assembly meeting so they can vote. Sit with their state, national affiliate, or military branch. 
  • Attire for the YLD Assembly is business.

Note - The individuals below are voting members of the Assembly and should not be included in your delegate count:

  • ABA YLD Officers
  • ABA YLD Directors
  • ABA YLD Nominating Committee Representative
  • ABA YLD Delegates to the ABA House of Delegates
  • ABA YLD Members-at-Large on the ABA Board of Governors
  • ABA YLD District Representatives

ABA YLD National Affiliate Representatives (National Bar Association; National Asian Pacific American Association; Hispanic National Bar Association; National Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trangender Bar Association and South Asian Bar Associatioin of North America)

ABA Law Student Division Chair

Delegates appointed by and representing the chief legal officer of each of the United States' Armed Forces (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard)