2010 ABA Annual Meeting August 5 - 7, 2009 San Francisco, CA

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2010 Annual Assembly Recap
Resolutions YLD AssemblyABA House of Delegates

Debate Calendar

5YLThis resolution urges governing bodies of state bar examinations to adopt a uniform bar examination.FailedN/A
6YLThis resolution urges state bar associations to adopt mandates requiring attorneys and members to attend one (1) hour of CLE per year regarding diversity and inclusion in the legal profession of all persons regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, or disability.FailedN/A
100BThis resolution urges trial and appellate courts, when reviewing the conduct of prosecutors, to differentiate between “error” and “prosecutorial misconduct.”PassedAdopted as Revised
7YLThis resolution urges legislation directing primary and secondary school systems to commence educational classes for girls and young women about a career in the law.FailedN/A
8YLThis resolution urges the ABA to not hold conferences in Arizona until it repeals the recent legislation relating to verifying the immigration status of person stopped or detained.FailedN/A
100CUrging federal, state, and local governments to provide sufficient funding for the provision of immigration advice for indigent non-U.S. citizen defendants.PassedAdopted as Revised
111This resolution urges state and territorial governments to eliminate all legal barriers to civil marriage between two persons of the same sex who are otherwise eligible to marry.PassedAdopted

Consent Calendar

3YLProposing that the YLD Bylaws be amended to provide that the Assembly Clerk and Secretary- Treasurer will automatically ascend to the positions of Assembly Speaker and Chair-Elect, respectively, without standing for election.PassedN/A
4YLUrging the ABA to endorse the Model State Code of Military Justice and encouraging states to conduct a critical review of their current military justice legislation.PassedN/A
104Urging the ABA to adopt the ABA Model Access Act, a model statute for jurisdictions to use for establishing and administering a civil right to counsel.PassedAdopted as Revised
105Urging the ABA to adopt the ABA Basic Principles of a Right to Counsel in Civil Legal Proceedings, which outline the requirements for effectively providing representation in certain civil proceedings to persons unable to afford an attorney.PassedAdopted as Revised
106AUrging Congress to reauthorize the Protection and Advocacy System protecting the rights of the disabled, and opposing legislation that contains restrictions on class actions on behalf of the disabled.PassedAdopted
106BUrging Congress to reauthorize the Older Americans Act of 1965.PassedAdopted
109AUrging state and local governments to provide legal counsel to youth at all stages of juvenile status offense proceedings.PassedAdopted
113Urging the ABA to amend the Application Section of the 2007 ABA Model Code of Judicial Conduct to ensure consistency in judicial ethics standards.PassedAdopted as Revised
115Urging federal, state, and local governments to enact laws requiring that all new semi-automatic pistols be fitted with microstamping technology to enable law enforcement to identify the serial number of the pistol.PassedAdopted

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