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About the YLD Assembly

The ABA YLD Assembly is the principal policy-making body of the ABA YLD. During the Assembly, many issues of importance to young lawyers and potential resolutions for adoption are debated and then voted on. By taking part in this event you have the opportunity to have your voice heard and to help shape the profession.

Key Facts:

  • The Assembly takes place on Saturday morning of the ABA Midyear Meeting and Friday afternoon and Saturday morning of ABA Annual Meeting.
  • Delegates. The Assembly consists of —
    1. the Council;
    2. delegates representing the affiliates in each state, each of whom keeps his or her principal office or principal residence in that state;
    3. two delegates representing each national affiliate, who are members of that affiliate; and
    4. one delegate appointed by, and representing the chief legal officer of, each of the United States’ armed forces.
  • Delegates Must —
    1. Be members of the ABA. Delegates may apply for membership at the time they request certification. They should provide a copy of their application and proof of payment with the certification materials.
    2. Be members of the affiliate they are representing as a delegate.
    3. Have their principal office in the state in which they are a delegate, if participating on behalf of a state bar organization.
    4. Have their names and information submitted by their state bar organization, national affiliate, or military branch.
    5. Register for the Meeting.
    6. Pick-up their ABA Meeting name badge from ABA registration.
    7. Check-in/certify onsite with the YLD at the YLD hotel (hotel may be different than the ABA headquarter hotel) to receive their delegate ribbon. Delegates will need their meeting name badge or pre-registration card for this process.
    8. Have their name badge, delegate ribbon, and Assembly documents, including the Resolution information, and also be dressed in business attire for the Assembly.
  • All debates are conducted according to the Rules of Parliamentary Procedure with time given to both pro and con speakers, as appropriate. The resolutions are then voted on by all YLD Assembly delegates.
  • In order for any external policy position approved by the YLD to take effect, it must also be passed by the ABA House of Delegates.

» Visit the Assembly webpage for more information regarding dates, deadlines, locations, the delegate certification process, and resolutions.