2013 Midyear Meeting Assembly

ABA YLD Assembly Recap
February 9, 2013
Dallas, TX

2012-2013 Assembly Speaker: Jennifer G. Daugherty, Minneapolis, MN 
2012-2013 Assembly Clerk: Myra McKenzie, Bentonville, AR

Download the complete agenda as a PDF.


The Speaker and Clerk certified 237 delegates for Assembly.  The Affiliate Roll Call with Powerpoint slides was a hit!  Thank you, Affiliates!

The Assembly extends great appreciation and thanks to the Assembly's special guests:  Coast Guard Recruiting Office of Dallas, TX, organized by Michael Walker (Fed. & Military D.R.); ABA President Laurel Bellows; ABA President-Elect Jim Silkenat; ABA HOD Chair Bob Carlson; ABA Day Planning Chair Linda Klein; ABA Law Day Chair Patricia Refo; FJE Chair Gene Vance; YLD members Francine Bailey, Dana Hrelic, Anita Barksdale, Ireneo Reus, and Sam Edmunds; YLD Credentials Board.

Resolutions for Debate

The Assembly also extends thanks to the YLD delegates who debated resolutions, and those who submitted YL resolutions for the Assembly's consideration: Morgan L. Swing (FL) and the YLD Litigation Committee; Conor P. Cleary (OK); Mark O’Halloran (WA); Kara Johnson (ND).





Urges the appropriate governing bodies of states andterritories to enact a uniform standard procedure forjuror questions during civil and criminal trials, by adopting and extending the American Jury ProjectPrinciples for Juries and Jury Trials drafted by the American Bar Association’s American Jury Commission, including, and in particular, Principle13(C).

Passed as amended


Encourages all state, local, and specialty barassociations that currently have a section or divisionspecifically dedicated to young or new lawyers to maintain that section or division.

Removed from the Agenda and scheduled for debate at the 2013 Annual Meeting


Amends Articles VI, VII, and XI of the ABA YLD Bylaws, which separates the ABAYLD Secretary-Treasurer position into two (2) positions:  Secretary (which will perform current Secretary duties and generally ascend to the Chair position); and Treasurer (which will focus on financial matters including spending, budgeting and generating non-dues revenue). 



Amends Rule 5.5(d) of the ABA Model Rules



Amends the ABA Model Rule for Registration of In-House Counsel



Amends the ABA Model Rule on Pro Hac Vice Admission


Consent Calendar

All resolutions on the consent calendar were adopted by the YLD Assembly.  The ABA House of Delegates (HOD) voted on the HOD resolutions during their Midyear Meeting sessions.  The HOD resolutions are available online.





Urges Establishment of a Center for Indigent Defense Services.

Adopted as revised


Urges Review of Mandatory Abuse and Neglect Laws.



Urges Prohibition of Retaliatory Discharge for Indigent Defenders



Urges Government Funding for Programs to Promote Justice



Urges Identification of Juvenile Defendants’ Immigration Status

Adopted as revised


Urges Protection for Human Trafficking Victims from Prosecution

Adopted as revised


Urges Allowance of Human Trafficking Victims’ Defense

Adopted as revised


Urges Policy to Vacate Criminal History of Trafficking Victims

Adopted as revised


Urges Training Programs to Identify Victims of Human Trafficking

Adopted as revised


Urges Amendment to the Model Grand Jury Charge



Supports the Authority of U.S. Bankruptcy Judges


2013-2014 ABA YLD Elections

The election will take place at the 2013 Annual Meeting in San Francisco on Saturday, August 10. The following candidates are running unopposed:

Secretary-Treasurer: Lacy L. Durham, Dallas, TX
Assembly Clerk: David Scriven-Young, Chicago, IL
House of Delegates Representatives: Christopher A Rogers, Dallas, TX; Jennifer G. Daugherty, Minneapolis, MN
Board of Governors Representative: Min K. Cho, Orlando, FL

National Outstanding Young Lawyers Award Ceremony

Congratulations to this year's recipient and finalists:

Clark C. Walton, Alexander Ricks PLLC, Charlotte, NC (Recipient)
Karen C. Denny, Haynes and Boone, LLP, Fort Worth, TX (Finalist)
R. Carson Fisk, Ford Nassen & Baldwin P.C., Austin, TX (Finalist)

Next Assembly:  August 9 & 10 at the 2013 ABA Annual Meeting in San Francisco, CA

Call For Resolutions:  Submit your resolution via the YLD's online Resolution Proposal Form. YLD Speaker Jennifer Daugherty and the Resolutions Team are also available to assist you with all aspects of drafting and presenting your resolution.  Contact Jennifer with questions. 

Delegate Certification: Make sure your state, national affiliate or military branch is fully represented:

  • May 1: deadline for local affiliates to submit delegate information to their state affiliate.
  • May 15: deadline for state affiliates, national affiliates and military affiliates to submit their delegate information to the ABA YLD via the online Delegate Certification Form 

Note: The following information is needed for each delegate: name, contact information including email address, ABA ID #, birth date, and whether he or she qualifies under ABA YLD bylaws or the organization’s bylaws.  If you have any questions regarding delegate certification, contact Assembly Clerk Myra McKenzie.

Additional information about the YLD Assembly and Delegate Certification is also online.