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About the Fellows of the Young Lawyers Division

Almost from the foundation of YLD, there has been a concern about how to maintain the friendships established by membership in the organization which is brief, lasting perhaps 8 – 10 years for the typical member. In response, in 1977 the YLD created the Fellows of the Young Lawyers Division to provide those who have aged out of the YLD a means to continue their activities with friends they have made during their years in the Division.

The Fellows contribute to YLD’s objectives and help mentor young lawyers in the activities of the Association. They offer members a host of activities and services, especially the annual YLD Fellows Debate at the ABA Midyear Meeting and the annual Fellows Gala at each ABA Annual Meeting, for an evening of intermingling among former and current YLD members. The Gala also provides an opportunity to recognize individuals who have shown a devotion to the public service and pro bono principles of the YLD with the awarding of the YLD Fellows Award.

The bylaws of the Fellows are available here.



Paula Frederick


Richard Bien


Danny Van Horn


James Durant

Board Members

Lynn Allingham
William R. Bay
Michael Bergmann
Benes Aldana
Richard Bien
Melanie Bragg
Jack Brown
Jonathan Cole
Stephen J. Curley
James M. Durant III
Laura Farber
C. Elisia Frazier
Suzanne Gilbert
Justin Goldstein
Daniel Gourash
Kathleen Hopkins
Chauntis T. Jenkins Floyd
Myra McKenzie-Harris
Barbara Mendel Mayden
Gerard McDermott
Amy Lin Meyerson
Alan O. Olson
Christina Plum
Jay Ray
Pamela Roberts
Christopher Rogers
Jennifer A. Rymell
Mark Schickman
Wilson Schooley
David Scriven-Young
Daniel Schwartz
David Sterling
Eileen Sullivan
Mario Sullivan
John Tarpley
Ethan Tidmore
Palmer Gene Vance II
Daniel F. VanHorn
Latanishia Watters
Pauline Weaver
Walter White, Jr.
Randi B. Starrett Whitehead

Young Lawyers Ex-Officio

Choi Portis, Chair
Josephine M. (Jo) Bahn, Chair-Elect
Tamara Nash, Secretary
Brandon Lee Wolff, Treasurer
Christopher Brown, Immediate Past Chair

YLD Staff Contact

Donna Nesbit, Director of Meetings & Operations