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Affiliates seeking ABA funding for Regional Summits should explore the Affiliate Regional Summit Subgrants Program.


The purpose of the YLD Regional Summits ("Summits") shall be to promote and develop growth, education, leadership, and outreach to ABA YLD Affiliates by:

  • Facilitating the implementation of Regional Summits among state and local Affiliates with guidance from the ABA YLD Affiliates Assistance Team;
  • Creating an accessible, intimate environment for state and local Affiliates to access resources and insight available through the ABA YLD;
  • Providing educational programming and training, including areas of interest to Affiliates such as programing, mentoring, leadership training, and networking;
  • Fostering dialogue among ABA YLD Affiliates and Affiliate Leaders in order to carry out more collaboratively their service of leadership;
  • Fostering a cooperative spirit and information sharing between the ABA YLD, YLD Affiliates and other young lawyer groups; and
  • Assisting ABA YLD Affiliates and Affiliate Leaders to enhance the value of Affiliate membership to new and young lawyers.


Determine overarching purpose(s) of Regional Summit

Identify specific events to support the Regional Summit purpose(s)

  • Examples: Plenary sessions, roundtable discussion groups, speed networking event (sample), hospitality suites, entertainment, volunteer/service project

Determine Timeline and Budget

  • Plan timeline of communications leading up to Regional Summit
  • Identify and contact speakers
  • Identify income and expenses (registration, sponsorships, grant awards (sample), food and beverage, rooms and equipment rental, activity fees)
  • Apply for co-sponsorship with ABA YLD
  • Request funding contributions from participating bar associations/regional groups

Prepare Programming Materials

Regional Summit

  • Finalize agenda
  • Confirm speakers
  • Finalize materials for programming
  • Finalize social events
  • Host Regional Summit

Additional Information

For additional information, including information about the application process, view the guidelines.