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  • By being attentive to best practices the capacity of the organization is increased.
  • By putting the best interests of the association before personal gain he or she is exercising the Duty of Loyalty.
  • By showing up and making a contribution he or she makes a difference.
  • By being engaged in strategic planning that mission and vision are key to success.


  • By reading the documents in advance of the meeting.
  • By serving as the liaison from the board to other entities.
  • By asking questions.


  • By being familiar with the bar’s governing documents and adhering to them, the Duty of Obedience is exercised.
  • By exercising the Duty of Care that she or he is acting in reasonable and informed manner with good faith.
  • By treating matters not otherwise in the public domain as confidential he or she is serving the best interests of the association.
  • By visiting the Web site and reading the journal, newsletter.
  • By understanding stewardship and the responsibility it entails.


  • By delivering a 30-second elevator speech.
  • By advocating on behalf of the association with members and the public.
  • By building relationships as an ambassador for the association.

Prepared by Elizabeth Derrico, Associate Director, ABA Division for Bar Service