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ABA Journal

New findings published on law school debt

A survey released Tuesday asked young attorneys if their legal education was worth the cost, and fewer than half said yes. However, 60.9% of respondents said that if they had to do it over, they would still attend law school.

Daily Journal

Op-Ed: Congress must act to relieve student debt burden

ABA President Reginald Turner, in an opinion column for the Daily Journal, writes, "The burden of overwhelming debt is hurting many new graduates — including lawyers — and that affects the American economy. Young people should not be forced to carry this burden alone."

Inside Higher Ed

Impact of Student Loan Debt on Young Lawyers

Report describes how the average law school debt of $108,000 affects recent graduates, showing impacts that vary between racial and ethnic groups.

Survey: Most New Law Students Are Unprepared for How Law School Debt Will Impact Them

A new survey by the ABA's Young Lawyers Division and the AccessLex Institute found that most new law students lack a clear understanding of how law school debt will impact their careers.

National Jurist

Law school debt is out of order

There is manageable debt, and then there is crippling debt. It would appear that law school debt is the latter for many graduates. It’s like the proverbial albatross around their neck, a recent survey showed.


Ashamed. Stressed. Hopeless. How debt is weighing on young lawyers

Student loan debt isn't just a financial burden. A new survey found it's also a source of embarrassment and shame for many young lawyers, particularly those with large loan balances.


Young attorneys stressed over struggle to pay law school debt

Most young attorneys are stressed and struggling to pay off their six-figure student loans, often delaying major life milestones like marriage or children because of accumulating law school debt, according to a new survey from the American Bar Association.

4 Key Takeaways From The ABA 2021 Student Loan Survey

The American Bar Association released a report Tuesday, based on a survey of more than 1,300 young lawyers, that shows law school debt continues to weigh heavily on younger attorneys

Law Week Colorado

Law School Debt Delays Life Milestones, According to Survey

About 90% of early career lawyers who took out law school loans say their debt has affected their progress toward major life milestones such as homeownership and having children, according to a new survey.

Above the Law

Student loan debt keeping you up at night? You aren’t the only one

Trivia question of the day: what percentage of respondents said their student loan debt caused them anxiety or stress?

Chicago Daily Law Bulletin

Study shows pain of high law-school debt

A new study of student debt highlights the price — both monetary and mental — of a Juris Doctor degree for some students.