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2023 Deadline

About The Challenge

Sponsored by the ABA Young Lawyers Division, the EMBRACING Diversity Challenge recognizes and awards top young lawyer organization programs that increase diversity in the legal profession. The term “EMBRACING” in the Challenge’s title is an acronym describing actions a successful program should seek to do with respect to diversity. The initial components of the acronym are as follows:


Top programs developed by the YLD Affiliates will be showcased via social media and on this webpage along with receiving a sub-grant to expand their program.

EMBRACING Diversity Challenge Program Proposal

The EMBRACING Diversity Challenge aims to increase diversity in the pipeline to the legal profession. Through the EMBRACING Diversity Challenge, young lawyer organizations are encouraged to share information about existing projects and develop new programs for increasing diversity in the pipeline.

Competition Guidelines

  1. Participants should explicitly identify one or more components of the EMBRACING acronym to address/serve as a focal point for the project. Participants will develop a program around the component(s) selected. For example, a program in which an affiliate would educate high school and college students on the legal profession and the basic requirements for law school admission would be centered around the Expose, Motivate, and Communicate components.
  2. Participants will submit a 2022-23 EMBRACING Diversity Challenge program proposal form listing the program purpose, proposed activities, desired outcomes, target audience, and desired number of participants along with a final report after the event/program has happened.
  3. Participants must submit a final report giving activity dates, outcomes, audience member numbers, participant numbers, and proposed plans for expansion (with the sub-grant award).


This program is open to young lawyer organizations affiliated with the ABA Young Lawyers Division Affiliates.


Please contact YLD Diversity Director of Projects Ashley Weathers, [email protected], or Renee Lugo, YLD Committee Specialist.

Past Winners