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Brent Circle of Giving

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A special thank you to the following generous Commission supporters for their generosity. The funds contributed by the members of the Brent Circle of Giving will be used to support the Commission's on-going and future projects, programs, and publications.

Annual Giving Recognition
Charter Members

Annual Giving Recognition

The Commission converted its Brent Circle of Giving to an Annual Giving program where individuals have the opportunity to be recognized for their annual support. Donors who give on an annual basis will "climb the ladder" and be honored for their cumulative generosity over time.


Platinum Circle

  • Elizabeth J. Cabraser

Gold Circle

  • Michelle Banks
  • Michele Coleman Mayes

Silver Circle

  • Stephanie A. Scharf

Bronze Circle

  • Linda Hayman
  • Barbara Howard
  • Lorelie Masters

Charter Members

The ABA Commission on Women in the Profession is proud to thank these legal visionaries for their participation in the original Brent Circle of Giving program.

  • Fred W. Alvarez
  • Michelle Banks
  • Heidi A. Barcus
  • Helaine M. Barnett
  • Laurel G. Bellows
  • Sheila L. Birnbaum
  • Susan L. Blount
  • Pamela A. Bresnahan
  • Robert M. Carlson
  • Sylvia Fung Chin
  • Mary B. Cranston
  • Doreen D. Dodson
  • Hon. Fernande R.V. Duffly
  • Hon. Betty Weinberg Ellerin
  • Pamela C. Enslen
  • JoAnne A. Epps
  • Lisa Hill Fenning
  • Jim Goh
  • Rina Hartline
  • Kathleen B. Havener
  • Deborah Epstein Henry
  • Carrie J. Hightman
  • William C. Hubbard
  • Denise F. Keane
  • Hon. Carolyn D. King
  • Linda A. Klein
  • Jessica Kornberg
  • Catherine A. Lamboley
  • Bettina M. Lawton
  • Paul W. Lee
  • Roberta D. Liebenberg
  • Hon. Barbara Lynn
  • Lorelie S. Masters
  • Karen J. Mathis
  • Barbara Mendel Mayden
  • Michele Coleman Mayes
  • Meg Milroy
  • Linda Strite Murnane
  • Andrea S. Ordin
  • Patricia L. Refo
  • Deborah L. Rhode
  • Pamela J. Roberts
  • Anita Shapiro
  • James R. Silkenat
  • Marsha E. Simms
  • Marna S. Tucker
  • Marissa C. Wesely
  • Peter A. Winograd
  • Diane C. Yu