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March 20, 2024 Feature

The Reference Handbook on the Commercial General Liability Policy, Third Edition

Reviewed by Charles Allen Yuen

The Reference Handbook on the Commercial General Liability Policy, Third Edition
Alan S. Rutkin and Robert Tugander, Editors
Published by the American Bar Association, Tort Trial and Insurance Practice Section (2023)

When it was published in 2010, The Reference Handbook on the Commercial General Liability Policy immediately earned a place on the bookshelves of tort and insurance coverage practitioners. The completely updated third edition sets forth 411 pages of precisely footnoted text organized in 16 concise chapters. All of the material principles and provisions of the industry standard commercial general liability (CGL ) policy are introduced and explained, along with an additional section on bad faith. The most significant issues and the major case opinions are discussed concisely. Extensive law review style footnotes provide the reader with additional up-to-date citations and information.

While the format and scope of the Handbook are thus consistent with its title and purpose, what is equally remarkable is the uniformly high quality of the Handbook’s content. This is surely because the contributors — the Handbook’s section authors and editors— are 29 accomplished senior practitioners of insurance coverage law. Their work is clear, appropriate, concise, respectful, and persuasive. These lawyers know how to research and they write well. They know how to organize useful information, of which their Handbook is jammed.

Whether you are a grizzled veteran of the insurance coverage litigation wars, a newly minted attorney faced with your first assigned research project, or even a professor of law, you’ll likely find the information in the Handbook accessible and useful. This is the kind of seductively written book that may make you want more, like a fine wine. The Handbook deserves consideration for a place on your bookshelf, where it can be easily pulled for an evening read.

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Charles Allen Yuen


Charles Allen Yuen is a lawyer based in New Jersey and is a former Editor-In-Chief of the ABA’s TIPS Law Journal.