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September 01, 2021 Book Review

Ridesharing Law and Liability

By Matthew Evans

With the ubiquity of ridesharing services in today’s cities and the constant need for a lift, Zachary Pyers and Kenton Steele’s book Ridesharing Law and Liability could not be more timely. This easy-to-read and concise review logically explains the history of ridesharing and the early attempts to regulate this relatively new industry in American life. From there, it provides an overview of the various statutory and regulatory schemes designed to promote a consistent approach to driver and passenger safety, fares, privacy, and enforcement.

When the inevitable accidents happen with any industry involving people, vehicles, and travel, this book dives into the myriad liability issues associated with car accidents in this new industry. More importantly, the book reviews the unique questions related to liability of the driver, vicarious liability of the ridesharing app company, insurance coverage, the location tracking of drivers, and any waivers that may be part of the contract for transport. If a suit is filed, this book also contains a wealth of helpful tips for any practitioner prosecuting (or defending) the special issues associated with ridesharing litigation. From litigation preservation letters to conducting discovery of the ridesharing company, the authors walk you through the basic strategy of these cases. Finally, Pyers and Steele examine the future of the industry and the looming legal challenges associated with autonomous vehicles in this same context.

From those actively involved in ridesharing litigation to those who simply use ridesharing services in their travels, Ridesharing Law and Liability is a must-read.

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By Matthew Evans

Matthew Evans is a partner with Kay Griffin, PLLC with offices in Knoxville and Nashville, Tennessee. Matthew’s practice is focused on products liability, pharmaceutical, commercial, and insurance litigation in both State and Federal Courts. Matthew built his practice defending products liability and pharmaceutical cases and is adept at handling complex litigation, having significant experience in MDL cases across the country. Mr. Evans has extensive jury and non-jury trial experience in business, corporate, insurance, and personal injury litigation. He has represented Fortune 100 companies, manufacturers, and insurance carriers in a wide variety of disputes.