May 20, 2020 Book Review

ERISA Survey of Federal Circuits (2020 Edition), Brooks R. Magratten, Editor

Reviewed by Russell S. Buhite

In this comprehensive book designed as a resource for litigators and clients with matters governed by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA), the authors have set forth, by federal circuit, a description of major issues in ERISA litigation and case authority governing those issues in each circuit. Each chapter contains a detailed review of the following topics: (1) how the circuit determines if an ERISA plan governs the dispute; (2) ERISA preemption of state law; (3) exhaustion of administrative remedies; (4) standard of review of an administrator’s decision; (5) rules of plan interpretation; (6) discovery in ERISA cases; (7) the scope of admissible evidence in ERISA cases; (8) procedural aspect of ERISA matters; (9) available remedies; and (10) fiduciary liability claims.

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