January 20, 2021 Did You Know?

Interview with TIPS Chief Diversity Officer, Marcy Hogan Greer

By Akira Heshiki

What attracted you to take on the role of Chief Diversity Officer for TIPS?

I am very honored by the Council’s nomination and excited about what I would like to do as Diversity Officer. What attracted me to this position is what attracted me to TIPS in the first place—its emphasis on diversity and inclusion. I have been privileged to work on many diverse teams in many aspects of the profession and appreciate how critical it is to have a true diversity of thought and viewpoints. And I have two millennials and one Gen Z in training, so I am closely following their generation. I am in awe of the incredible power for change they are starting to exercise and the impact they are starting to have. I was also inspired by the incredible TIPS leadership team that is truly committed to increasing diversity throughout the Section.

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