August 31, 2018 Book Review

How to Succeed as a Trial Lawyer, Second Edition, By Stewart Edelstein

Reviewed by Molly E. Meacham

The second edition of How to Succeed as a Trial Lawyer by seasoned trial counsel Stewart Edelstein is aimed at law students or litigators in the early stages of their career who are seeking practical advice on both the written and unwritten rules of trial practice. In this book, Edelstein harnesses his considerable trial experience gained over 40 years of practice, combining that with his decades of teaching civil litigation skills at Yale Law School and presenting CLE seminars. The result is a text that delivers on the title’s lofty promise. Any less-experienced attorney craving a relatable and readable reference manual should consume this cover-to-cover and keep it close at hand for later reference. Edelstein has created a crisp and practical guide that seeks to help attorneys become the mythological gryphon, assembling the best qualities of different animals (an eagle eye, dogged determination, ferreting out the truth) into a successful trial lawyer.

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