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July 31, 2018 Book Review

A Practitioner’s Guide to Class Actions, Second Edition, Marcy Hogan Greer, Editor

Reviewed by Matthew J. Evans

In this compendium on class actions, Editor Marcy Hogan Greer has assembled excellent work by multiple authors on the nuts and bolts of class action practice. This how-to manual on class actions contains articles written by leading class action practitioners and is a one-stop resource for guidance on the biggest challenges associated with class action practice. The two-volume set addresses the anatomy of a class action and delves into the common problems an attorney will face in a class action. This second edition of a best-seller draws from the multiple authors’ wealth of experience and research gleaned from many years of practice in a unique area of litigation.

A Practitioner’s Guide to Class Actions, Second Edition, is exactly what it purports to be: an all-encompassing guide for an attorney with a class action practice. From ethical issues on communicating with the class to meeting the requirements of class definition and class certification, this treatise provides a common sense and practical approach to issues associated with defining a class. Further, the guide discusses and explains the actual trial of the class action and how counsel can settle a class while still dealing with attorney fee awards and incentive payments to class members.

The treatise examines a multitude of issues unique to class actions, such as the Class Action Fairness Act, standing to object to the class, and how one pursues a Daubert challenge in class certification. While a substantial portion of the treatise deals with general questions related to class actions, the practitioner also can use this guide for specific questions for medical monitoring classes, anti-trust classes, life insurance and annuity actions, and even securities class actions. A practitioner is also provided a tool kit/checklist to assist in going forward with the notice needed to initiate a class action.

Finally, the guide provides an overview of the law in each of the 50 states regarding the various nuances for pursuing a class action in each jurisdiction. A Practitioner’s Guide to Class Actions, Second Edition, is a valuable resource for both the attorney new to class action litigation and the lawyer who has practiced in this field for many years. This straightforward and logically assembled guide is a must for the class action practitioner.

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Reviewed by Matthew J. Evans

Matthew J. Evans is a litigator with Paine|Bickers LLP in Knoxville, Tennessee, where his practice focuses on pharmaceutical litigation and products liability. He is a former editorial board chair and current member of the TortSource editorial board and may be reached at [email protected].