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August 06, 2019

Tort Trial & Insurance Practice Law Journal | Spring 2019 - Vol. 54 Issue 2

Recent Developments in Admiralty and Maritime LawKirby Aarsheim, Jeanne L. Amy, Michael T. Amy, Attilio Costabel, Megen Madison Gold, Danielle T. Gauer, Chase Alexandra Jansson, Brian P. Maloney, Nicole M. Matteo, Donald A. Mau, Matthew A. Moeller, Kelly E. Mulrane, Casey M. O’Brien, Pamela L. Schultz, Allison N. Skopec, Thomas W. Snook, and W. Benjamin Woody 

Recent Developments in Alternative Dispute Resolution - Deborah Greenspan, Fredric Brooks, and Jonathan Walton

Recent Developments in Animal Tort and Insurance LawAdam P. Karp and Margrit Lent Parker 

Recent Developments in Appellate AdvocacyR. Aaron Chastain, Joseph Fay, Julianna Thomas McCabe, Afigo I. Okpewho-Fadahunsi, Raina T. Shipman, and Mark E. Wojcik 

Recent Developments in Business LitigationLisa L. Pittman, Daniel Wilson, and Van Cates 


Recent Developments in Cybersecurity and Data Privacy - Kyle D. Black, Christina B. Alam, Steven M. Bucher, Ashley J. Giannetti, Lauren D. Godfrey, and Justin D. Wear 

Recent Developments in Employee Benefits Law - Emily Seymour Costin and Emily C. Hootkins

Recent Developments in Employment and Labor Law - Anthony Kuchulis, Wilson Jarrell, J. Randall Patterson, Savannah R. Dabney, Robert P. Redemann, and Daniel C. Gunning

Recent Developments in Excess, Surplus Lines, and Reinsurance Law - Frank A. Valverde, Michael Carolan, Aaron Greenbaum, and Thomas Kinney

Recent Developments in Fidelity and Surety Law - James A. Knox, Jr., Matthew Berry, Lee M. Brewer, Adam Brinkley, Jonathan M. Bryan, Carla Crapster, Evan B. Gatewood, David A. Harris, Amy S. Malish, Jeffrey S. Price, Christopher A. Scifres, and Jessica Wynn

Recent Developments in Health Insurance, Life Insurance, and Disability Insurance Law - Elizabeth G. Doolin, Julie F. Wall, Joseph R. Jeffery, and Victor F. Terrizzi

Recent Developments in Insurance Coverage - Damian Arguello, Jeffrey J. Ward, Charles W. Chotvacs, Jason C. Reichlyn, Gregory R. Giometti, Taylor R. Seibel, Timothy M. Thornton, Jr., and Christopher Yetka

Recent Developments in Intellectual Property Law - Chris Nichols

Recent Developments in International Litigation - Mark E. Wojcik, Zascha Blanco Abbott, Christina Alam, James S. Betzelos, Ryan J. Chancellor, Asmah Daoud, Jack A. Gainer, Demitri Kladis, Jacob A. Nabat, Hunter J. Schmitt, Abigail P. Simmons, and Grant M. Vlahopoulos

Recent Developments in Media, Privacy, Defamation, and Advertising Law - Steven P. Mandell, Steven L. Baron, and Keith E. Allen; Susan P. Elgin, Marc A. Fuller, Natalie A. Harris, Brendan J. Healey, Matthew E. Kelley, Ashley I. Kissinger, Thomas S. Leatherbury, Katherine E. Mast, Kristen C. Rodriguez, Leita Walker, Thomas J. Williams, and Steven D. Zansberg

Recent Developments Affecting Professionals’, Directors’, and Officers’ Liability - Douglas W. MacKelcan, Jennifer M. Guerra, Amber W. Locklear, Peter J. Biging, Kenneth Labbate, and Jason Ederer

Recent Developments in Property Insurance Coverage Litigation - Jay M. Levin, William R. Lewis, Heidi Hudson Raschke, Christina M. Phillips, Sarah R. Burke, Anthony B. Crawford, Lindsey Davis, Raymond T. DeMeo, Meghan K. Finnerty, John V. Garaffa, Erin D. Guyton, Craig A. Jacobson, Miranda A. Jannuzzi, Sathima H. Jones, Timothy P. Larsen, Jonathan R. MacBride, Sean F. McAloon, Laura J. Mulholland, Megan K. Shannon, and Anaysa Gallardo Stutzman

Recent Developments in Title Insurance Law - Jerel J. Hill, Leonard C. Atkins, IV, and Zi C. Lin

Recent Developments in Workers’ Compensation and Employers’ Liability Law - David B. Torrey, Lawrence D. McIntyre, Kyle D. Black, and Justin D. Beck


Editorial Board

Christine S. Davis
Bradley Arant Boult Cummings LLP
Washington, D.C.
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Co-Executive Editor
Charles A. Yuen
Scarinci Hollenbeck, LLC
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Co-Executive Editor
Kara D. Ford
Eversheds Sutherland (US) LLP
New York City
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Managing Editor
Julie Roberts Furgerson
American Bar Association
Washington, D.C.
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Editorial Policies

The Tort Trial & Insurance Practice Law Journal, the quarterly scholarly publication of the ABA Tort Trial & Insurance Practice Section, is committed to the publication of articles that present analysis and insight into issues affecting the broad scope of tort and insurance law and practice. The Journal welcomes original articles dealing with current and emerging issues of national scope from members of the bar.

Feature articles traditionally are between 10,000 and 15,000 words, or 50 to 60 double-spaced pages in length. Depending on the topic and depth of focus, the Journal also accepts some shorter articles. The writing should be appropriate for a law review article. All references must be completely and accurately cited using the citation style of The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation, 20th Edition. Other important requirements: (1) include a brief description of your current professional affiliation, (2) use consecutively numbered footnotes rather than embedded citations, (3) number pages, (4) italicize rather than underline, (5) use Word, and (6) submit the manuscripts as e-mail attachments. Simultaneous submission of manuscripts to other publications is discouraged and must be brought to the attention of the editor-in-chief of the Journal. Unless otherwise clearly noted, all manuscripts are expected to be original. All articles accepted for publication will be checked carefully for unauthorized use of copyrighted material.

Authors are asked to sign a copyright agreement that grants to the ABA the exclusive right of first publication, the nonexclusive right to reprint, and the right to use the work in other ABA media—including electronic and print.

Manuscripts should be sent as e-mail attachments to Julie Furgerson, Managing Editor, [email protected].

No compensation is paid for published articles.

Requests to reprint or republish material from the Journal should be sent to [email protected].

Opinions and viewpoints expressed in the contents of the Journal are solely those of the authors and should not be attributed to the Journal’s editorial board, the Tort Trial & Insurance Practice Section, or the American Bar Association.