Tort Trial & Insurance Practice Law Journal

Winter 2018
Current Issue Volume 53:2

•Recent Developments in Admiralty and Maritime Law - Aaron B. Greenbaum, Kirby Aarsheim, Debra Doby, Benjamin Dowers, Jason W. Drouyor, George S. Florez, Danielle Tamara Gauer, Kelly M. Haas, Donald A. Mau, Matthew Moeller, Kelly E. Mulrane, Jeanne Noonan, Brett Rivkind, Pamela L. Schultz, and W. Benjamin Woody

•Recent Developments in Alternative Dispute Resolution - Deborah Greenspan, Fredric M. Brooks, and Jonathan Walton

•Recent Developments in Animal Tort and Insurance Law - Adam P. Karp and Margrit Lent Parker

•Recent Developments in Business Litigation - Van Cates, Michael A. Sirignano, Priscilla D. Kam, Michelle A. Bholan, Daniel Wilson, and Max Gershenoff

•Recent Developments in Cybersecurity and Data Privacy - Justin D. Wear, Robert Flowers, Kyle D. Black, Lauren D. Godfrey, and Roberta D. Anderson

•Recent Developments in Employee Benefits Law - Emily Seymour Costin, Emily C. Hootkins, Kirsten Scott, and Allyssa Villanueva

•Recent Developments in Employment Law and Litigation - Zascha Abbott, Brian Bank, Catalina De La Hoz, Scott Green, Meredith McDonald, Brian Miller, and Elizabeth “Missy” Parry

•Recent Developments in Excess, Surplus Lines, and Reinsurance - Hilary Loynes Palazzolo, Michael Carolan, Brendan Mullan, Aaron Greenbaum, and Elizabeth Sackett

•Recent Developments in Fidelity and Surety Law - James A. Knox, Jr., Lee M. Brewer, Jonathan M. Bryan, Eric D. Coleman, Adam D. Cornett, Carla Crapster, Adam P. Friedman, Evan B. Gatewood, David A. Harris, Mark J. Krone, Mario Nicholas, Christopher A. Scifres, and Jessica Wynnt

•Recent Developments in Health Insurance, Life Insurance, and Disability Insurance Law - Elizabeth G. Doolin, Julie F. Wall, Joseph R. Jeffery, and Victor F. Terrizzi

•Recent Developments in Insurance Coverage - Alex Selarnick, Anupama Prasad, Eliot M. Harris, Reshvin Sidhu, Brian Margolies, and Andrew G. May

•Recent Developments in Intellectual Property Law - Mary H. Drabnis, Ph.D., Chris Nichols, and David L. Pardue

•Recent Developments in Products Liability - Thomas E. Riley and Conor Doyle

•Recent Developments Affecting Professionals’, Officers’, and Directors’ Liability Insurance - Daniel S. Strick, Glen Olson, Ari Baruth, Mark A. Rogers, Margaret Reetz, David Hommel, Peter J. Biging, Michael Chester, Susan Cohen, and Timothy Pomarole

•Recent Developments in Property Insurance Coverage Litigation - Jay M. Levin, William R. Lewis, Heidi Hudson Raschke, Christina M. Phillips, Dennis C. Anderson, Sarah R. Burke, Brian M. Collins, Anthony B. Crawford, Meghan K. Finnerty, Matthew P. Fortin, John V. Garaffa, Christine Davis Graves, Erin D. Guyton, Craig A. Jacobson, Miranda A. Jannuzzi, Alissa A. Kranz, Viktoriya Kruglyak, Jonathan R. MacBride, Sean F. McAloon, Kateri T. Persinger, William H. Pillsbury, and Stacey Stracener

•Recent Developments in Title Insurance Law - Jerel J. Hill, Vanessa H. Widener, and Leonard C. Atkins, IV

•Recent Developments in Toxic Tort & Environmental Law - Ashley Simpson, Brett Clements, Amy Antoniolli, Ryan Granholm, Alex Garel-Frantzen, Meghan McMeel, Kevin O’Hara, Brian Watson, Matt Fischer, Riley Moyer, and Josh Kurtzman

•Recent Developments in Workers’ Compensation and Employers’ Liability Law - David B. Torrey, Lawrence D. Mcintyre, Kyle D. Black, and Justin D. Beck

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