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April 29, 2024 Profile

Business Litigation Committee: A Meeting of Minds

Joy Momin

Business Litigation keeps it exciting. Always. With fresh law students signing into meetings from their campus classrooms after lectures and well-seasoned industry leaders sneaking in half hours between client calls and cases, the Business Litigation Committee (BLC) of the Tort Trial and Insurance Practice Section (TIPS) knows how to create and support a community of legal professionals who want to do big things. Both practical and innovative, you will frequently find members jumping onto the next societal business disruptor, swapping ideas, sharing goals, celebrating achievements, and collaborating to better serve each other and their clients.

The BLC is known for its rapid-paced event planning, strong circle of committed contributors, and dedicated individuals who show up for each other. Inviting and encouraging involvement, young attorneys quickly pair off with a cohort of mentors and receive opportunities to gain professional recognition through publications, educational engagement, and leadership roles. Lawyers, mediators, arbitrators, and judges alike in the BLC exchange resources with freshly minted practitioners and well-rounded colleagues. All of the BLC’s members openly share and receive meaningful experiences and new directions.

The BLC is an active committee in TIPS in engagement and member contribution. Currently, the committee boasts a wonderful mix of judges who speak at meetings and work alongside motivated law students beginning to find their way with the support of the community. Arbitrators and mediators in the BLC are leaders of their industry, profiling their interdisciplinary skills, not only as bright professionals in their practices but also by simply representing their identities in spaces that are not historically known to reflect our increasingly diverse legal community. Attorneys at firms and in-house counsel members frequently share sparring stories and insight on the evolving landscape of business litigation, offering unique dialogues to challenge and prevent the stagnation of practice. As business in the United States is known to be an industry catalyst, it goes without saying that the knowledge base of the BLC is insightful and foretells future trends in the legal intersection across economic and societal spaces.

Work Hard, Play Hard

In the past year, the BLC hosted several events and opportunities for its members and the larger ABA community. The February 2023 Business Litigation Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana, consisted of a mix of professional networking and interpersonal relationship building. Taking advantage of the location of the larger subsequent conference, the BLC organized a collaborative CLE-series stand-alone with the TIPS Cannabis Law Committee and then hightailed its way to delicious foodie locations and exciting New Orleans nightlife attractions. Arguably, the fastest way to find quick friends for an ABA conference is by participating with the BLC.

In addition to the committee’s in-person interactions, members of the BLC frequent external non-ABA spaces, serving as panelists, moderators, writers, and researchers in a variety of business litigation–related fields. Adding to its successes, the committee published two newsletters in the past year and authored 10 articles, providing regular output to practitioners and engaged readers. Furthermore, mirroring the importance of networking and interdisciplinary practice, one newsletter was published in collaboration with the TIPS Cannabis Law Committee, and another with the Litigation Committee. Marking its many accomplishments, out of over 30 general committees in 2022, the BLC received the Leadership Involvement Award—a testament to the BLC’s regular efforts of consistent relationship building and outreach.

A Family of Professionals

The BLC always has something going on. Throughout the pandemic, the BLC showed its best side, becoming a support system for its members. One-hour regular committee meetings shifted to virtual social events, with members joking about shared circumstances and the overuse of “unprecedented times” and laughing through the shared troubles navigating our jarred shift of the legal space online. For better or worse, members of the BLC will not let you down, and they bring out the best in each other. There is not a single individual who does not have a place in the BLC, whether one wants to learn more about the expansive umbrella that is business litigation, hopes to foster and contribute to their professional development, or simply wants to increase their inner circle of professionals.

Feel free to reach out to us to learn how we can best serve your professional interests. We are accessible everywhere! Find us on X (formerly Twitter) at @abatipsblc, Facebook as “ABA TIPS Business Litigation Committee,” or Instagram at theabatipsblc, or email our chair, Rick Vanderslice, at [email protected]. Also, do not hesitate to snoop around online at

We are excited to support you!

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Joy Momin

TIPS Business Litigation Committee

Joy Momin is a New York-based attorney, practicing in innovative technologies arenas, primarily AI, blockchain, and FinTech. Momin is a member of the TIPS Business Litigation Committee.