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March 03, 2021 TIPS NOTES

Update on the Latest Programs and Events in Your Tort Trial and Insurance Practice Section

Fall Meeting

Over 235 TIPS members, including many first-time attendees, met for a very successful and productive virtual Fall Meeting, October 7–9, 2020. The meeting opened with a plenary session featuring several inspiring speakers covering how to make the workplace more inclusive and equitable. This was just the introduction to a long-term diversity and inclusion commitment that TIPS has made to help bridge the gaps and to train our members to be advocates for change beyond the profession. The plenary was followed by a networking reception for first-time attendees that was very spirited and engaging. It involved an interactive and competitive trivia contest. Although we were unable to be together in person, this was the next best thing as many standing committees, task forces, some general committees, and council conducted business meetings to continue to advance the good work of the Section.

Standing Committee on Law in Public Service Initiative 50 Days to Make a Difference with Feeding America

TIPS’s Law in Public Service Committee and sponsor Atlas Legal Research partnered with Feeding America, the nation’s largest domestic hunger-relief organization, with 50 Days to Make a Difference to raise funds to combat hunger. The goal is to raise $25,000 in 50 days. Every $1 donated helps provide at least 10 meals to someone in need. At this writing, over $19,000 has been raised.


Recently produced CLE webinars include:

Preparation, Risks, and Controls of Reopening in a COVID World: It’s a Small World

December 7, 2020 | On-Demand

Expert panelists discuss the current status of medicine and science in a COVID world and how to keep your business, brand, employees, and customers safe.

Federalization of Insurance: Federal Insurance Office

November 18, 2020 | On-Demand

Panelists explore the history of the Federal Insurance Office (FIO), its role in the U.S. Department of the Treasury, and the specific tasks it performs in monitoring insurance issues, coordinating federal policy on prudential aspects of international insurance matters, and consulting with the states on insurance matters. The program examines how the FIO has affected insurance regulation since its inception and its potential impact on future insurance regulation.

29th Annual Toxic Torts & Environmental Law Virtual Conference 2020

November 10, 2020 | On-Demand

Colleagues from around the country take a condensed look at some hot topics facing environmental and toxic tort law attorneys. The program consists of three stellar panels:

In the Weeds: Navigating the Growing Cannabis Industry in an Evolving Regulatory Climate: Develop an understanding of the unique set of regulatory compliance challenges facing cannabis business owners operating in an environment where the opportunity for liability is readily apparent.

Do You Have a Charger for My Cigarette? Most Recent Regulations and Litigation Trends with E-Cigarettes: Gain insights on the e-cigarettes and vapor industry, including the history and areas of concern, current FDA regulations, and the most recent developments on efforts to prohibit flavoring.

Glyphosate: Current State of Round-Up Litigation, Future Trends and Coverage Issues: Learn about glyphosate, its impacts on human health and the environment, and observations from the insurance world on claims to date.

TIPS Fidelity & Surety Law Committee & Fidelity Law Association Joint Fall Virtual Program: The Who, What, Where, When and Why of Fidelity Claims—Updating the Basics for the 21st Century

November 5–6, 2020 | On-Demand

Experts examine key questions involved in fidelity claims as these principles are being applied and misapplied by the courts today. Speakers address questions common to most fidelity claims, such as who is an employee and what is a loss. Panels explore attempts to shoehorn social engineering losses into the Computer Fraud Insuring Agreement; why location may be an important question with regard to social engineering losses, electronic signatures, and forgery coverage; and what exactly is an original under insuring agreement. Finally, the fidelity law update 2020 shares and discusses the most significant fidelity decisions of the last year.

The Federal Program to Deregulate Slaughterhouses and Its Effects on Animals, Workers & Consumers

October 26, 2020 | On-Demand

Learn about the negative impact of the long-standing U.S. Department of Agriculture’s history of deregulating slaughterhouses on animals, workers, consumers, and the environment. The program addresses the history and current legal climate surrounding these issues, including how the recent pandemic has brought some of these threats to the forefront. Participants will hear from experts in the field and learn about opportunities to get involved in the issues.

Navigating the Virtual Road to Autonomous Driving: Using Simulations to Test, Train, and Validate Autonomous Vehicles

October 19, 2020 | On-Demand

Ever wondered how technology is being used to train autonomous vehicles and confirm that they’re safe? Experts discuss how simulations work, the advantages of using virtual reality for autonomous vehicle development and testing, and the types of data associated with simulations. They also map out how simulation data may be used as evidence in legislative, regulatory, and judicial proceedings.

COVID-19 and Workers’ Compensation Claims: Emerging Medical and Legal Issues

October 13, 2020

Learn more about COVID-19 and how it may, or may not, be proven to originate in the workplace and its effect on workers. Dr. Larry Anderson, the Chief of the Respiratory and Enteric Viruses branch of the National Center for Infectious Diseases and the Director of the Division of Viral Diseases for the Centers for Disease Control for 28 years and current Professor and Marcus Chair of Infectious Diseases of Emory University Medical School, joins a panel of workers’ compensation lawyers to discuss COVID-19 and its causation, duration, sequelae, and interrelation with other conditions, and things employers and workers should know in relation to this disease.

For additional and up-to-date TIPS program information, visit the TIPS CLE & Meetings web page ( 

2019–2020 Membership Involvement Awards

The Scope and Correlation Committee is pleased to announce the following winners of the 2019–2020 Membership Involvement Awards:

  • The Fidelity and Surety Law Committee received the Diversity Involvement Award. This is presented to the committee that has demonstrated outstanding achievement and a commitment toward promoting the TIPS goal of achieving a diverse membership.
  • The Insurance Coverage Litigation Committee received the Most Collaborative Award. This is presented to the committee that has excelled and displayed exceptional effort and effectiveness in collaborating with other TIPS committees.
  • The Animal Law Committee received the Overall Excellence Award. This is presented to the committee that consistently and significantly exceeded the expectations of general committees across all areas.
  • The Admiralty and Maritime Law Committee received the Young Lawyers Involvement Award. This is presented to the committee that has excelled in increasing the membership, involvement, and retention of young lawyers within TIPS.
  • The Cybersecurity and Data Privacy Committee received the Leadership Involvement Award. This is presented to the committee that has demonstrated outstanding leadership within TIPS and the ABA through the involvement of its leaders and members with other committees.
  • The Appellate Advocacy Committee received the Exceptional Achievement Award. This is presented to the committee that has shown significant improvement through the year and is a recognition that dedication and hard work can change the direction of a committee that may be facing difficulties or challenges in achieving its goals.
  • The Staff Counsel Committee received the Public Services Involvement Award. This is presented to the committee that has demonstrated outstanding achievement in generating interest and participation among TIPS members in public service projects and other initiatives aimed at promoting a meaningful contribution to society.
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