September 02, 2020 Feature

The Global Commoditization of Marijuana and Hemp: Where in the World Is Cannabis Headed?

By Charles Feldmann, Hannah Follender, Luis Armendáriz, Michael Cone, and Kevin Daly
doomu/iStock via Getty Images Plus

doomu/iStock via Getty Images Plus

Understanding the natural cause-and-effect dynamic inherent in the cannabis market is critical to a cannabis business’s success at the local, state, national, and international levels.

The global experiment of legalizing and commoditizing cannabis has shown more than anything that cannabis as a product is here to stay. With more governments recognizing its value and potential, cannabis companies becoming major contributors to the world economy, and noncannabis organizations recognizing the commodity as an investment opportunity, now is the time to consider the industry’s next steps and how it will impact international trade. In this article, an international group of legal and industry experts discusses the growing worldwide cannabis industry, the protection of cannabis intellectual property, recent developments in Mexican cannabis laws, and the implications of international treaties and trade.

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