September 02, 2020 Feature

CGL Exclusions for Cyberattacks and Loss of Electronic Data: Is There a Gap in Your Coverage?

By Larry P. Schiffer, Kristin Bryan, Ann LaFrance, and Glenn Brown
Floriana/iStock via Getty Images Plus

Floriana/iStock via Getty Images Plus

To mitigate future risk, policyholders should review their CGL policies and any stand-alone cyber policies with experienced counsel to determine whether there is a gap in their coverage.

As the COVID-19 outbreak continues and cybercriminals seek to exploit a remote workforce, cybersecurity issues remain fundamentally important. Businesses are concerned about the cyber risks facing their organizations, due in no small part to the staggering losses that can result from a major cybersecurity incident, which can encompass not only harm from the loss of data but also reputational damage as a result of customer impacts and subsequent media attention.

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