April 24, 2019 Profile

Cannabis Law and Policy Task Force: Serving a Pioneering Industry

By Lisa L. Pittman

In August 2018, TIPS Chair Roy Cohen championed the Section’s launch of a new Cannabis Law and Policy Task Force. As a majority of the states have now legalized cannabis in some form— with more on the way—issues involving nuances of state-regulated cannabis, which is illegal under federal law, have begun to permeate myriad traditional legal issues, including federal, state, and local regulation; insurance coverage and litigation; banking and finance; tax law; Securities and Exchange Commission compliance; investment strategies; initial public offerings; mergers and acquisitions; cross-border transactions; import/export laws; product liability; intellectual property; litigation; employment and Americans with Disabilities Act accommodation; real estate zoning and land use; use of the civil Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act; public nuisance; criminal liability; and water rights—just to name a few.

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