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April 25, 2019


One of a series of conversations with TIPS leaders about their relationship with the Section and why they work to make TIPS even better.

TIPS frequently profiles its members—from leaders to new young lawyers—in The Brief, asking them to comment on why they have become active in the Section. TIPS prides itself on bringing together attorneys from plaintiffs, defense, and insurance practices. This edition highlights two TIPS leaders from Michigan and Quebec, Canada, respectively.

Sandra J. Boyer

LEGUS Law Firm, Inc.

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Why TIPS? “I joined TIPS 12 years ago based on a recommendation from Linda Klein. As always, Linda’s advice was on target. I became involved in several committees and actively participate to this day. Many TIPS members have become close friends as well as people I can turn to for advice and information sharing. The dedication and commitment of the Section’s members to the legal profession goes far beyond just their own practice or personal benefit. They truly care about each other and the profession we serve.

“I have enjoyed being part of the strategic planning process for the committees as well. TIPS’s leadership doesn’t focus solely on today, but works to ensure the future of the Section as a whole, as well as the future of the legal profession—with an emphasis on how lawyers can most successfully serve their clients.

“In 1995, I cofounded LEGUS, an international network of law firms. We began the organization with 10 law firms located in the midwestern United States. Our membership now consists of almost 80 law firms worldwide. As president of the organization, I meet lawyers from around the world who are focused on serving their clients to the best of their ability. TIPS has helped me to better understand issues facing the practicing lawyer. I share the knowledge I gain as a member of TIPS with the lawyers I serve worldwide.

“LEGUS was founded to assist law firms in better serving clients as their needs for worldwide expertise expands. For 20 years, LEGUS members have developed trusted, valuable, and respected relationships with one another. When a client’s needs go beyond the borders of a state or jurisdiction, a LEGUS member can contact almost 2,500 trusted lawyers to help meet those needs.”

Sandra Boyer can be reached at sandra.boyer@

Nathaly J. Vermette

VermetteLex Inc. & emAPPetizer Inc.

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Why TIPS? “I joined TIPS in 2005 at the encouragement of a very good friend, Tom Davies, whom I met through another organization. He recruited me by stating in no uncertain terms that I just had to join because of the great people involved.

“My port of entry to TIPS was the Intellectual Property Law Committee, a general committee for which I quickly became chair. TIPS offered fantastic leadership roles that were not only important to the Section and its members, but helped me grow both professionally and personally.

“For my part, I was in a solo practice for most of my legal career. In addition to my intellectual property and business law practice, I am involved in a technology company as cofounder, legal counsel, and former president. Having access to a rich network of colleagues in the United States is very important to assist my Canadian clients and business.

“What I find special in TIPS are the entrepreneurial legal minds and the family-like sense of belonging. That, for me, is TIPS’s ‘secret sauce.’”

“The many friendships I have forged over the years continue to be an important resource in so many ways. Knowing I have a friend and a colleague in almost every state that I can call on— well, that’s just priceless!”

VermetteLex Inc. focuses on intellectual property and business law. emAPPetizer Inc. helps bring the mobile APP wave to large organizations. Nathaly can be reached at [email protected] or [email protected].