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December 16, 2022

Nominate an Outstanding Lawyer for the 11th TIPS Leadership Academy!

Do you know a remarkable attorney within 5 - 15 years of practice who demonstrates excellence in their field and the qualities of a leader within the profession? Would they benefit from forming strong relationships with a diverse group of attorneys from across the country? Are they intelligent, inquisitive, and represent some aspect of diversity like geography, practice area, gender, race, or ethnicity?

Submit your nomination online via this link on or by January 17, 2023. The submission requires only your candidate’s name, firm or organization, and contact information—no letter of recommendation is needed—and the submission process takes minutes but the TIPS Leadership Academy makes lasting impressions on its members. You may nominate up to three candidates using the link.

For more information about the Leadership Academy, please review the brochure.

After you submit your nomination, each nominee will receive an application with detailed information about the program. The 2023-24 Leadership Academy class will be selected from those who apply and the selection process for the Leadership Academy is highly confidential and competitive. Please refrain from discussing the program with your candidate(s) as we believe the good news regarding their nomination, as well as information about the program, should come directly from TIPS.

If you have any questions concerning the Leadership Academy, please feel free to contact us or Theresa Livingston at [email protected].

Thank you very much for your willingness to help us bring the best and brightest to the 2023-24 class of the TIPS Leadership Academy! 

Kind regards,

John C. McMeekin II
Co-chair, Leadership Academy Task Force

Thea M. Capone
Co-chair, Leadership Academy Task Force