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April 17, 2019

Fair Funding for Courts Initiative

TIPS Toolkit for Fair Court Funding

Targeted Treatment

Luzerne County district judges protest budge cuts


Court Security

Lorain County Sheriff: No Additional Funding for Extra Security at Court Facilities

State Courts (California)/Court Closings

Closure of Two Court Locations

Letters to the Editor

A Penny for the Courts


FY 2016 Funding Meets Judiciary Needs

Want to end immigration backlog? Increase court funding

Judiciary Asks Congress to Invest in Improved Court Operations

Year-End Report on the Federal Judiciary

ABA Says Judicial Shortages Impacting Federal Courts

Chief Judge Shares Concerns over Federal Funding; Says “this is Not the Way to Run a Business”

For Federal Courts, Shutdown Caused Broad Disruptions

No More Cuts!

Government Shutdown to Hit Us Courts Next Week

Federal Courts to Stay Open Through Oct. 17

Fiedler Joins Other State Bar Association Leaders Urging Congress to End Funding Cuts to Federal Courts

Cuts to Federal Judiciary Endanger Public, Chief Judge Tells Lawmakers

Sequestration Cuts Are Crippling Federal Courts

Caseload Increases Stress Need For New Federal Judgeships

Another Federal Judge Speaks Out Against Sequester

Action Alert on Federal Court Funding Crisis

Judge: US Civil Trials at Risk without Budget Deal

In Cost-Cutting Move, Judicial Conference Closes Six Court Facilities

Grassley Urges Us Courts to Better Prepare For Funding Cuts

Aiken Federal Court to Remain Open

AJS: 'Fiscal Cliff' Perilous For Federal Courts

City's Federal Courtroom Saved from Closing

Federal Judicial Conference to Close Amarillo Courthouse

Federal Judiciary Will Close Six Southern Courthouses in Cost-Cutting Moves

The Source: Cuts at the Federal Public Defender's Office

JAS Backs US Courts' Request for $73 Million

Two Judges: Cuts Threaten Defendants' Rights

Budget Cuts Roll Back Federal Court Hours

2 Judges: Budget Cuts Would 'Devastate' Courts

Federal Courts Brace for Newest Budget Cuts

JAS: Access to Justice Threatened by Budget Cuts

Roberts: Courts Are Containing Spending

JAS: Budget Increase for Courts Still Falls Short

U.S. Courts Can Stay Open Through Oct. 17

JAS: Shutdown Could Harm Access to Justice

JAS, Allies: Court Resource Cuts Threaten Rights

Judge: Cuts May Hike Costs, Make Us Less Safe

Government Officials Say Sequestration Cuts Make Federal Court System More Expensive Read More Here

Sequestration Threatens Public Defender Program with 'Complete Destruction'

More Than Two Dozen Groups Write Letter to Congress to Provide Critical Resources for Federal Courts

Sequester Looms Large Over Federal Public Defender Program

Cuts to Federal Defenders Undermine Judicial System

Cuts Delay Federal Court Cases

Federal Courts Suffering Under Spending Knife

Sequester Creating Crisis in Federal Criminal Justice System

On Topic: Judge Gelpi Discusses Federal Bar Association

Judicial Conference Receives Budget Update, Forwards Rules Package to Supreme Court

Don't Delay Civil Trials for Fiscal Reasons, ABA House Declares

If Judges Campaign Like Ordinary Politicians, Can We Have Impartial Courts?

The Economics of Justice

Judiciary Looks to Stabilize Financial Position in 2015

ABA President, Others Express Concern over Shutdown's Effects on Judiciary


Courts warn funding cuts could have "frightening consequences"

Alabama courts seek $10 million boost, judicial moves

Proposed cuts for Alabama courts 'crazy, devastating'

Anniston Star: Alabama Courts to Lay Off 150, Impact in Calhoun County Unclear

AL Top Judge: 'Nothing Else to Cut'

AL Chief Justice Disagrees With Lack of Court Funding

Court Cuts and a Murder Trial Delayed


New Courthouse opening in shadow of staff and service cuts

San Francisco Superior Court to furlough staff reduce clerk hours due to budget deficit

SF Judges are asked for a day's pay to reduce budget

SF Superior Court to furlough staff, cut clerk hours

Judicial Group's New Head Vows to Better Fund California Courts

Superior Courts challenge Governor Brown's proposed budget 

California Judicial Branch Scrambles for Budget Dollars

CA Judges & Court Workers Blast Pay Proposal

New courthouse: ground zero in Santa Clara County court strike

State to postpone work on downtown rail yard courthouse

CASSIE MacDUFF: One step forward, one step back on judge shortage

California Chief Justice calls for more children's attorneys, funding review

Ongoing budget shortfall plagues county courts, slowing cases and limiting access

Lawyers' group wants court funding restored

Humboldt County court caseloads impacting operations, staffing

Kern's court funding troubles: 'Justice delayed is justice denied'

Marin Superior Court restores, standardizes office hours

Lack of money leaves California courtrooms in the dark

California courts innovate small changes despite budget cuts

Modest Bailout Requests by Rural Courts Turned Down

SF Court Clerks Authorize Strike As Negotiations Stumble Over Pay

Offices, Phone Lines in 11 Courthouses to Shut Down at 3 p.m.

Report Underscores Need in Local Courts

Tap CA Budget Surplus for Court Funding, Editorial Urges

Calif. Chief Justice Makes the Case for More State Court Funding

Monterey County Herald: Monterey County Superior Court Faces $1.3 Million in Cuts

Court Funding Axe Falls In CA, CT

Capitol Weekly: Order in the Court: Budget Hit Takes Its Toll

Courthouse News Service: Cut Plans Called 'Insulting' to Local Courts

Los Angeles Times: America's Judiciary: Courting Disaster

Court Funding and ‘War of the Robes’ In CA

Los Angeles County Courts Begin Downsizing

Los Angeles County Court System Begins Layoffs, Pay Cuts, Reductions Amid Plunging Budgets

L.A. County Courts Face $30 Million in Cuts

Mendocino County Law Enforcement Protests Fort Bragg Court Cutbacks

Deep California Budget Cuts Force Litigants to Pay for Court Reporters

Superior Court System Warns of Cuts

Judges: Budget Cuts Could Close Courtrooms

With Budgets Tight, Small Towns Go Without Courthouses

Deep Cuts to Court Funding Make CA Chief Justice “Afraid to See the Future”

Budget Shortfall Closes 10 Los Angeles Courthouses

California Courts Stretched Thin by Budget Cuts

Sequester Cuts Federal Public Defender Program in California

Offices, phone lines in 11 courthouses to shut down at 3 p.m.

Judges Questions Gov' Finance Director

MOU Spells Out County, Court Responsibilities

State Budget Leaves Big Holes in Court Funding

Temporary Settlement Reached In Court Reporters Dispute

State Needs to Restore Court Funding


How not to save probate system

Why Probate Court Cuts are Bad News for CT

Conn. Chief Justices Proposes $45,000 Raises


Delaware chief justice seeks more court funding

District of Columbia

From the President: Lagging Federal Judge's Salaries: Impending Crisis

JAS: Looming Budget Cuts Threaten Access to Justice

Cost-Saving Measures by State


Brevard Clerk of Courts Office faces budget, staff cuts

Chief Justice Pushes for More Justice Funding, Better Access to Courts

$4 billion dollars separate Florida's House and Senate budget proposals

Miami Herald: Court System in Peril Amid Budget Crisis

FL Court Split Could Cost Millions

FL Court Funding Crisis: Justice Delayed

Crestview News Bulletin: Judge: Cuts in Staff Would Affect Services

FL Governor Urged to Act On Court Funding Vow

FL Governor Pledges Priority for Court Funding

City Council Votes $65,000 to Keep Court Open

Court Clerks Cut Back Office Hours to Save Money

Courts Seek Pay Raises, Budget Hike

Broward Sun Sentinel: Broward Chief Judge Tobin Warns of Court Shutdowns and Furloughs


Chief Magistrate Cox Urges County to Save Money by Eliminating a State Court Seat

Testimony by Bert Brandenburg


Kansas Supreme Court Chief Justice says court staff need raises

Brownback's court reform killed in Kansas

Kansas courts funding battle

Kansas courts will receive funding after Gov. Sam Brownback signs bill | The Wichita Eagle

Arguments filed in judicial selection case

F. James Robinson Jr.: Oppose political tampering with our courts

Constitution Check: Do state legislatures have the power to shut down state courts?

Kansas Court Funding Protected--For Now

Stop the politics of punishing the high court

Kansas Court System Faces Potential Shutdown After Ruling

Kansas court financing not in jeopardy, Brownback says

Chief justice doesn't rule out having Kansas Supreme Court review case involving its power

4 judges sue to overturn Kansas court system funding law

War on courts escalating

Gov. Sam Brownback and Kansas Legislature mount breathtaking assault on judges’ independence

Coercing the courts

Court authority, funds at risk

Lawmakers showing contempt for courts

Top Kansas Judge Criticizes Bill That Would Tie Judicial Changes to Funding

California Chief Justice Seeks More Court Money

Court Funding Likely Topic of Kansas Chief Justice Address


Court Funding Isn’t Just a Kentucky Issue

KY Court Funding Crisis Affects People’s Daily Lives

Kentucky to Close Courtrooms Temporarily


Iowa's Chief Justice Fights to Save Court Funding

Emergency surcharge fails to meet court's funding gap


Illinois Budget Crisis Affecting Court Reporters State Wide

Money for court reporters may run out next month

Hefty Budget Cuts May Prompt Weekly Closings for Illinois US District Courts

Report On the Funding Crisis in the Illinois Courts


Des Moines Register: Union Approves 6 Percent Salary Increase for Iowa Judicial Branch


Chief justice makes a strong pitch for court funding

The Boston Globe: in Push for Funding, Court Officials File Plan to Close Facilities

Showdown over Massachusetts Funding Cuts

Furloughs, Layoffs, Delays: Sequester Hits Public Defenders In Mass.


Crawford County Board agrees to move some court employees to separate budget

Wayne Circuit Court to cut funding from county by 5%

Cuts to MI Trial Judgeships Recommended

Fix Needed to Keep Michigan Trial Courts Operating Normally


Judge Asks Lawmakers to Stop Cuts to Court Funding

Sequester to Hit Public Defenders, U.S. Attorney in Minnesota


Times Union: MO Judge: Courts Face Money, Political Pressures

Sequestration Puts Public Safety at Risk, Federal Officials Warn In Kansas City


Drug treatment program to be closed in Council Bluffs


Specialty courts set to expand with new funding

Las Vegas Sun: Court Will Continue No-Furlough Policy Despite Lawmakers’ Complaints

8 News Now/AP: Nev. Chief Justice to Address Lawmakers

Nevada Appeal: Nevada Justices Guilty of Dodging Furloughs

Las Vegas Sun: Chief Justice Defends Decision Not to Impose Worker Furloughs

Reno Gazette Journal: Court, 'Essential' Jobs in Nevada Would Weather Federal Shutdown

New Hampshire

State Heating Courthouse Walkway While Budget Cuts Loom Inside

New Mexico

Legislature adjusts its budget, court funding

Emergency Funding for New Mexico Juries Wins Approval

Report Will Highlight Health Effects Of Bomb Test, NM Congressman Praises Former Energy Secretary

New Mexico lawmakers approve emergency court funding

New Mexico House Approves Capital Outlay Bill

Reader View: Judiciary deserves more respect

Judiciary needs adequate funding

Budget hearing stirs concerns about drug court funding

Top judge says New Mexico courts overburdened, underfunded

New York

Chief Judges Letter to Joseph Biden

NY Law Journal: Small Claims Courts to Operate 1 Night Per Week to Cut Costs

NY Law Journal: Little Change Seen For U.S. Courts in Event of Government Shutdown

NY Judge: "Keep the Courthouses Open"

NY Times: Chief Judge Says Deal Will Require Hundreds of Layoffs in Court System

New York Law Journal: Judiciary Promises More Budget Cuts

NY Times Publishes Three Fair Courts Editorials

NY Times: 'Threadbare American Justice'

NY Court Funding Cuts Have 'Chilling Effect'

New York Law Journal: Pay Commission Head Floats Option of Incremental Raises

Justice Sequestered

North Carolina

NC court system under review as local officials fight for more funding

Court: Funding county jails with fines unconstitutional

Commission will help push for better funding for NC court system

Pitt County Drug Court future on the line

Governor’s proposed funding for court system comes up short

Chief Justice Mark Martin warns that inadequate budge causes court delays

Embattled NC courts director retires

Court funding: Justice in NC

Martin: Goals for the NC court system

Even juror pay at risk in squeezed North Carolina system

Funding cuts hobble NC courts

Here's Hoping Court Funding Meets Needs

Boost Court Funding


Judges Need Raises, Ohio's Chief Justice Says


County braces for reduction of Supreme Court funds

Tri-parte government system threatened - Focus - TulsaWorld

Right to a speedy trial eroding as budgets cut - Focus - TulsaWorld

Negative court funding impacts economy - Construction - TulsaWorld


Asbestos-Action Disclosure Bill Introduced in House | The Legal Intelligencer

Testimony to the Pennsylvania Bar Association Constitutional Review Commission

Chambersburg Public Opinion: Pennsylvania Chief Justice: Corbett Budget Inadequate Chambersburg...

Pittsburg Business Times: Video Conferencing Saves PA Courts $21m


The Oregon State Bar Continues to Fight for More Judicial Funding


Veterans courts expand thanks to unique funding


Travis County Veterans Court Funding on Chopping Block

Rhode Island

Newport News Courthouse Won't Be Shut Down

U.S. Virgin Island

Few Funding Increases as Budget Goes to Senate Floor


Chief Justice: Utah's Courts Thriving


Courts Struggling to Function with Budget Cuts

Public Defenders Say Sequester is Hurting Poor Clients


Washington cuts on track to impact courts

McCleary decision still provoking petulance

BJS Releases State Court Organization, 2011

Seattle Post Intelligencer/AP: Challenge to WA Budget Cut Raises Govt Concerns

Huffpost Politics: Liberty And Justice For Some: State Budget Cuts Imperil Americans' Access...

Delays, Furloughs, Security Cuts: Sequester Hits Judiciary Hard


WL Sneak Peek: Court Security at Risk, Heroin’s Impact on Justice System, More

Chief Justice Highlights Court Funding, E-filing in State of the Judiciary Address

Plenty of Horne: Are Abrahamson’s Days as Chief Justice Numbered? - Urban Milwaukee

Budget proposal would give state Supreme Court more control over funding

A Three-Legged Stool: What Does the Future Hold for Wisconsin Court Funding?

State Bar of Wisconsin: State Bar Responds to Governor Walker’s Proposed State Budget

State Funds for Courts Decline -- County Circuit Left to Search for Alternatives

Misc. Articles

FY 2016 Funding Meets Judiciary Needs

Court Funding challenged planned, despite plea for restraint

Judicial budget draws concern over independence of courts

U.S. Courts Video Documents Judiciary Budget Testimony

Orlando Sentinel: Courts Could Close For Several Days If More Funding Not Approved

ABA Head Decries 'Justice in Jeopardy'

Guest Post: “Rebuilding Justice”

The Economist: Judiciary the ‘Feeblest Branch’

Atlantic: Funding Crisis Leaves Lives In ‘Limbo’

WCTV: Scott: I'll Make Court Funding a Priority

O'Connor: 'Wake Up' to Court Funding Threat

JAS: Court Funding Cuts 'Crashing Home Now'

Warning Sounded About Court Funding Cuts

Judiciary Continues Cost Savings, Closes Court Facilities

Costly Courtrooms: Construction Boom is Questioned as Budget Cuts Cause Furloughs

Task Force Leaders: 'Huge' Job Remains

Savings from Weekend Court Closings Now $500k — Not $1.9 Million Planned

Olson: 'The Sky is Falling' On Our Courts

ABA: a Way to Make Scofflaws Pay Debt to Courts

Judicial Leader: Cuts Cause ‘Pretty Devastating Impact’ For Courts

Judicial Leader: Big Impact from Budget Cuts

On the Horizon: Judgeships Declining In U.S.A.

Will U.S. Cuts Cause Suspension of Some Trials?

Meese, Robinson Appeal for Court Funding

USA Today: Budget Cuts Put Justice at Risk

Guest Post: Court Survey Shows Scope of Budget Cuts

Court Budget Cuts Have Far-Reaching Impact

Court Funding Crisis: ‘Our Very Democracy is At Stake’

Bainbridge Municipal Judge Wins Lawsuit to Keep Pay, Hours

MSc's Mcqueen: ‘Economic Tsunami’ Hits State Courts

Jas Warns of Court Cuts' 'Disastrous' Impact

Congress Shouldn't Have Denied Raises to Judges

Court Funding Cuts Threaten Due Process

Court Funding Battle Rages On

U.S. Civil Jury Trials Could End If Budget Axe Hits

Muscogee Clerk of Superior Court Linda Pierce Hires Lawyer to Fight Mayor's Proposed Budget Cut

Sequestration Cuts Threaten the Courts and Public Safety

Jas Letter to House and Senate Leadership on Sequestration

JAS: Will Congress Alleviate Justice Delays?

Jas Urges Bipartisan Fix on Us Court Funding

Will Your Day In Court Have to Wait?

Top Judge: Court Funding Helps 'Equal Justice'

JAS, NCSC Messaging Guide Makes Strong Case For Court Funding

JAS, Partner Offer Guide to 'Funding Justice'

State Courts Go Digital As Budget Pressures Mount

State Justices, Legislators on Panel Shared Success Stories on Tackling Judiciary Budget Concerns

Judge: Justice Delayed For 'Everyday Americans'

ABA Letter Warns of ‘Marked Imbalance’ Caused by Sequestration Cuts to Public Defender Offices

Public Defenders in Lurch

How the Sequester is Holding up Our Legal System

Solve the Crisis in State Courts

Funding Justice: Strategies and Messages for Restoring Court Funding