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Jason Jobe, Chair

Welcome to the Professional Liability Insurance Committee (PLIC). How are we different from the other professional liability organizations? PLIC is comprised of both attorneys and insurance industry professionals who work in the area of professional liability. We share interests in learning, staying updated on the latest developments in the law, getting opportunities to speak and be published, and growing our networks. We have opportunities to participate in monthly conference calls, events, conferences, CLE, networking socials, newsletters, larger publications, and more. Join our committee so you can participate in these opportunities. We look forward to meeting you and would love to help you get involved.

Join the Professional Liability Insurance Committee

PLIC includes members from a wide variety of backgrounds and professions, including coverage attorneys, in-house attorneys, risk managers, claims professionals, brokers, underwriters and litigators. PLIC strives to be the premier source for updating and discussing professional liability and related insurance law and developments. If professional liability is part of your practice or industry, PLIC is the committee for you.