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Cynthia M. Stamer, Esq., Chair

The TIPS Medicine and Law Committee provides a forum for members to learn and exchange knowledge and ideas relating to medical and life sciences laws, regulations and policies. Although our members have varied backgrounds in the fields of medicine and law, our core membership consists of attorneys and other legal professionals working with health care and life sciences innovation, quality, safety, pharmaceutical litigation and medical device litigation. Our Committee provides opportunities for authorship in ABA publications, participation in seminars and education courses as a speaker or attendee, and networking opportunities with local and national industry leaders. TIPS and the ABA look to our Committee for guidance and leadership in current issues and emerging trends in the medical-legal arena.

Join the Medicine and Law Committee

We welcome members to actively participate in the activities of the Medicine and Law Committee. To that end, we are currently in the process of planning CLEs (webinar, telephonic, and in-person) on topics of interest to our members. In addition, we are always looking for article contributions for our newsletters, which are disseminated 2-3 times per year.