Message from the Chair

Sherril Colombo

Welcome to the Health & Disability Insurance Law Committee: I am looking forward to serving as the new Chair of the Health &Disability committee for the 2019-2020 ABA year. I am very grateful for JoAnn Dalrymple’s guidance over this past year and the assistance of Adam Garner, the Chair-Elect, as we commence this new ABA year.

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The Health & Disability Committee concentrates on matters relating to health, disability, long-term care, accident, medical and hospital expense insurance contracts. We examine the laws and the regulation of laws governing the health and disability areas, including state insurance laws, ERISA, ADA, and COBRA, and the interplay between state and federal law.

Health & Disability Insurance Law Podcast

Unique Issues Top Hat Plan Litigation

Sherril Colombo and Adam Garner, Chair and Chair-Elect for the Health and Disability Committee, discuss evolving non-qualified pension plan litigation issues. The podcast discussion includes claims arising from the termination of Top Hat Plans, standard of review arguments, actuary and other discovery, section 502(a)(3) alternative relief claims and remedies.

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