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Hasson Barnes, Chair

I am honored and privileged to lead this instrumental committee during a pivotal moment in our nation’s history. The work associated with developing, promoting, and implementing diversity, inclusion, and equity initiatives is not new. Recent events across the country, however, remind us that we must work together as professionals to learn and teach others about the importance of fostering diversity and promoting inclusivity. This work leads to positions of respect and appreciation for the differences among us, whether that be age, gender, race, ethnicity, religion, disability, sexual orientation, sexual identity, education, national origin, or any other distinguishing characteristic or trait. The work will require us to create spaces that welcome and value everyone’s input on an equal playing field.

Enacting Change

If you'd like to participate in the working group to develop and implement an inclusivity plan for the upcoming Spring Section Conference in April, please complete the availability poll by Tuesday, February 1st.

Message from CDI Co-Chairs Denouncing Anti-Asian Hate

#StandTogether #StandAgainstHate

The anti-Asian hate crimes that occurred recently in Atlanta and those happening all around the country are repulsive and senseless. These widespread acts of violence against the Asian American and Pacific Islander communities have no place in our democracy and must end now. It is imperative that we collectively rise and speak out against all forms of intolerance and discrimination that target individuals based on their skin color or nationality. The TIPS Standing Committee on Diversity and Inclusion unequivocally denounces violence against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders and stand in solidarity with the Asian American and Pacific Islander communities. We call on everyone to denounce anti-Asian hate, violence, and all forms of racism, while focusing on unity and support.

TIPS Diversity Plan

The Tort Trial & Insurance Practice Section (TIPS) of the American Bar Association (ABA) is committed to diversity and inclusion and demonstrates this commitment by promoting equal participation by minorities, women, attorneys with disabilities and LGBT attorneys in the Section and in the legal profession as whole. Diversity strengthens the Section by providing its members with unique and valuable perspectives from exceptionally skilled, knowledgeable and experienced attorneys across a variety of practice areas.

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Empowering ourselves changes our lives. Empowering others changes our communities.

The Financial Literacy Project is a long-term public service project that evolves with the needs of our communities. TIPS Chair John McMeekin said, “This project invests in the financial education of our communities, empowering and guiding all of us to a stronger and more secure financial future. I urge you to share The FLP with your colleagues and community organizations.”

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The Financial Literacy Project

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The Liberty Achievement Award

The Liberty Achievement Award, sponsored by Thomson Reuters, was established to recognize attorneys and judges who take leadership roles in promoting diversity in the profession of law. Attorneys or judges who have demonstrated, by choices made in their careers and work done in private and/or public sector positions, that they have actively promoted diversity. This would include their own career, leadership positions or work done to advance diverse attorneys in the profession. Other considerations include significant substantive legal work in areas of diversity as well as community service and/or pro bono work in diversity.

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