Message from the Chair

Larry P. Schiffer

I am honored to serve as your Chair for the 2020-21 bar year. This is a year of great change for me personally as I transition from big law to an independent legal and consulting practice, and for all of us as we continue to address the fallout from the novel coronavirus pandemic on our personal and professional lives. Luckily, we have an active and dynamic Committee that will continue to innovate and provide opportunities to learn and grow in the cybersecurity, cyber insurance and data privacy space.

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Join the Cybersecurity and Data Privacy Committee

The TIPS Cybersecurity and Data Privacy Committee is made up of a diverse group of lawyers and other professionals interested in and focused on cyber security and data privacy in a wide array of industries and applications, including cyber insurance. This makes the Committee’s activities both comprehensive and varied. There is something for everyone to contribute and learn. Among the many committee activities are monthly video meetings with industry guests who present on a variety of cyber, insurance and data privacy topics. We also have a committee newsletter providing members the opportunity to publish and stay abreast of developments in the cybersecurity and data privacy industry. There are additional publishing opportunities for substantive articles in TortSource or The Brief, and webinars and traditional CLE programming, including our biennial cybersecurity and data privacy conference. The opportunities to share your thought-leadership and become an active member are endless. Join us.