Message from the Chair

Derek H Lim

Welcome to the Commercial Transportation Litigation Committee page. I am honored to be the Chair for the 2019-2020 term. Jennifer Wood is our Chair – Elect and will lead our group for the 2020-2021 term. Special thanks to Lew Wardlaw for a successful 2018-2019 campaign. We recently wrapped the TIPS Fall Leadership conference in Maui. It was an amazing event and was well attended by CTLC members. At the meeting, we discussed our plans for a busy 2019-2020 term. Including publishing newsletters, increasing our membership, increasing diversity, and expanding our social media visibility. We will also support the 2021 Transportation Megaconference.

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The Commercial Transportation Litigation Committee examines the liabilities and obligations of all forms of commercial carriers and includes regulation and accident issues. The Committee provides an opportunity to meet and exchange ideas and tactics with other professionals regularly working in the transportation industry.