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Greetings from the Cannabis Law and Policy Committee! We are a newly formed General Committee in TIPS. We just returned from a successful stand-alone event in Chicago where we had some of the industry’s top leaders speaking about new trends in Cannabis Law, including work at the Federal level, and in regard to hemp/CBD issues. We are also working on a couple of Resolutions to have TIPS bring to the ABA House of Delegates at Midyear regarding advocating for legislation for safe harbors for attorneys practicing in this area and in ancillary areas of practice, and also for legislation regarding safe harbors for banks to be able to federally insure cannabis-related accounts and for other safeguards to be taken to protect the industry, as Cannabis remains federally illegal. Stay tuned for a “Message From the Chair”, Mike Drumke! If you’d like more information about our Committee, please contact us via TIPS Connect. We are also looking for short articles for our Newsletter. These articles are between 1000-2000 words and can be about anything touching Cannabis Law and Policy. Thanks, and we hope to provide you with more content soon! Lisa Jill Dickinson, Technology Vice-Chair lisa@dickinsonlawfirm.com

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Cannabis Law & Policy Articles

Cannabis Law & Policy Articles

Hemp CBD: What Seniors Should Know

By: Lisa L. Pittman - In stark contrast to the world we grew up in, cannabis legalization has been sweeping the nation, with “marijuana” as cannabis is defined by the U.S. Controlled Substances Act (CSA), legal in medical programs in 34 states and adult use legal in 11 states and the District of Columbia. Cannabis reform is the subject of over 1,200 bills pending before the U.S. Congress, several with the support of the American Bar Association!

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