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Fidelity & Surety Law Committee

The Fidelity & Surety Law Committee's goal has been and continues to be the preeminent authority on fidelity and surety law in the industry. The Committee provides a forum through which lawyers and non-lawyers have an opportunity to meet, network, and exchange information and ideas on subjects of interest involving the fidelity and surety industry through educational programs, publications and meetings.

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This May Be Us…But It Doesn’t Have to Be

The Emmy®-award winning and hit television show This Is Us pushes its audience to confront serious issues about life, love, family, and race. The protagonists, Jack and Rebecca Pearson, are a Caucasian middle-class couple who suffer tragedy when one of their triplets dies during childbirth. That same day, an abandoned baby left at a local fire station eventually makes his way to the same hospital nursery, only to lie beside the two surviving Pearson babies. He is African American; he was born to a junkie mother and father who abandoned him. The Pearsons take him into their arms and home with intentions of filling the hole left in their hearts by the baby they lost. Through This Is Us, the audience watches a blended family become one, break apart, learn, grow, love, hurt, and heal.