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Cybersecurity & Data Privacy

The Cybersecurity & Data Privacy Committee communicates information to ABA and TIPS members in order to educate them and bring awareness to cybersecurity and privacy issues which they or their clients may encounter on a daily basis in the course of their legal practices.

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Aquatic Animals: The Need for Understanding and Legal Protection

Kathy Hessler - Aquatic animals are so overlooked and poorly understood that they are easily ignored even in general calls for the legal protection of animals. They are excluded from some laws1 and their capabilities are less frequently studied by scientists than those of their land-based kin. Research into their well-being is more complicated and difficult due to the environments in which they live.2 In the resulting absence of knowledge and understanding, harmful myths3 suggesting they cannot feel, think, or suffer have left them ignored and exposed to harm. This short overview seeks to remedy some of that misunderstanding and offers information that may be useful when making legal and policy decisions about the use or protection of aquatic animals. -- Read More in the Animal Law Committee Newsletter --