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Intellectual Property Law

The Intellectual Property Law Committee mixes together its unique blend of litigation, Intellectual Property and insurance expertise to educate and inform its members and develop leaders in the ABA on interdisciplinary legal analysis and matters of conscience.

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A New Source of Collision Evidence: Traffic Signal Data Loggers

The transportation system requires a combination of factors to systematically and efficiently work together to provide for the safe and efficient movement of people, vehicles, and goods. Human Factors, Vehicle Factors, and Environmental Factors are interconnected to accomplish this goal.

Fair Court Funding Task Force

For many years, the federal and state court systems have been under attack from ever-increasing budget cuts resulting in a crisis of severe underfunding. Such underfunding threatens the ability of our courts to provide access to justice not only for the protection of our constitutional rights, but also the day-to-day resolution of criminal, civil and domestic relations matters. The Fair Court Funding Task Force has created a Toolkit intended to help you better understand the problem and urge you to take action in helping to resolve this fair funding crisis.

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