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March 29, 2022

Chris Green: Chair 2014-2015

Chris Green is the Executive Director of Harvard Law School’s Animal Law & Policy Program. He is a graduate of Harvard Law School and the University of Illinois, where he created the college’s first Environmental Science degree. Chris previously was the Director of Legislative Affairs for the Animal Legal Defense Fund, and is the former Chair of the American Bar Association’s TIPS Animal Law Committee. Chris has been published in the Animal Law Review, won First Prize at the inaugural National Animal Law Competition, regularly testifies at legislative hearings, and has consulted on animal legal issues for dozens of major media outlets. Chris also spent several decades working in the fine arts, film and music industries, and currently manages an Illinois farm that has remained in his family for 180 consecutive years

Chris was a member of the California Veterinary Medical Association’s Non-Economic Recovery Task Force, helping explore legislative options to balance the profession’s increasing liability exposure with a more equitable assessment of companion animal value. He later acted as an advisor to members of the American Veterinary Medical Association’s Task Force on the Legal Status of Animals, addressing those same legislative issues at a national level.

In 2004 Green wrote The Future of Veterinary Malpractice Liability in the Care of Companion Animals, which was published in the 10th Anniversary Issue of the journal Animal Law. That same year he won First Prize at Harvard's inaugural National Animal Law Competition, an event he still regularly judges. Chris has consulted on animal legal issues for CNN, CBS News, NBC News, Headline News, POLITICO, The Atlantic, Bloomberg News, Harper’s, Huffington Post, Science Magazine, Smart Money Magazine, The New York Times, Chicago Tribune, San Francisco Chronicle, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post & Vice News.

He additionally has testified at dozens of legislative hearings, and frequently lectures on animal protection legislation, Ag-Gag anti-whistleblower laws, exotic animal ownership, and companion animal valuation at law schools and conferences around the country. Chris also spent several decades working in the fine arts, film and music industries.