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March 29, 2022

Mariann Sullivan: Chair 2010-2011

Mariann Sullivan is the deputy chief court attorney at the New York State Appellate Division in New York City and an adjunct professor of animal law at Brooklyn Law School and Cardozo Law School. She is the former chair of the Committee on Legal Issues Pertaining to Animals of the New York City Bar Association and a current member of that committee as well as chair-elect of the American Bar Association's Animal Law Committee. With David Wolfson, she is the author of "What's Good for the Goose… The Israeli Supreme Court, Foie Gras, and the Future of Farmed Animals in the United States,” in the 2007 volume of the Duke Journal of Law and Contemporary Problems; “Foxes in the Henhouse: Animals, Agribusiness and the Law: A Modern American Fable,” in Animal Rights: Current Debates and New Directions; and “If it Looks Like a Duck: New Jersey, The Regulation of Common Farming Practices, and the Meaning of “Humane” in Animal Law and the Courts.