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International Risk Management Institute

The Scholarship Fund was created in 1997, and is a partnership of the Tort Trial & Insurance Practice Section (“TIPS”) of the American Bar Association (“ABA”) and International Risk Management Institute (IRMI) The fund is supported through royalties paid by IRMI to the Section from subscriptions to Insurance Case Finder, and Insurance Law Essentials, a comprehensive collection of analysis and summaries of the most important decisions in commercial lines cases handed down by the nation’s appellate courts.

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How Can The Fund Help Me?

The scholarship fund helps members in a variety of situations. For example, for a young lawyer who wants to attend a TIPS sponsored CLE program - the topics are right up their alley, the speakers are experts in their field, the opportunity to learn a lot as well network to advance in their field is there - but the registration fee is too high for her and/or the cost of lodging and airfare is prohibitive . . . this fund is for them! For a solo attorney who would like to be active in the ABA and TIPS in particular, perhaps participate in the governance of its committees, help shape legislation, or plan or speak at one of the CLE programs, but he needs assistance to do so . . . this fund can help them!