December 18, 2017

Leadership Academy


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The TIPS Leadership Academy serves the public by providing participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to develop a vision to lead the legal profession and to improve leadership service in the community as a whole. The TIPS Leadership Academy meets during each Section Leadership Meeting, with each Meeting focusing on specific program topics.




  • To increase the diversity of leaders within our communities.
  • To nurture effective leadership with respect to ethical, professional and community service values.
  • To build relationships among leaders from across the country and from disciplines within the profession.
  • To raise the level of awareness among lawyers regarding the broad range of issues facing the profession.




In the TIPS Leadership Academy, the members will be exposed to a wide-range of leaders in the law. These leaders will candidly share their successes and failures in their leadership roles and be available for open dialogue on all issues. Through this process, the Academy members will develop their own leadership style and learn how to put that style into action.


As an added benefit, Academy members will be provided with leadership roles in TIPS substantive committees during the year. These roles, which are traditionally reserved for lawyers who have been involved in TIPS for years, will be made available to Academy members immediately. Also, this benefit will afford Academy members national networking opportunities within their chosen fields.

Chair Randy J. Aliment
Seattle, WA
Immediate Past Chair Ginger Busby
Birmingham, AL

Daniel G. Acosta
Las Cruces, NM

Gail Vaughn Ashworth
Nashville, TN

Janice P. Brown
San Diego, CA

Robert J. Caldwell
Las Vegas, NV

Michael J. Carrigan
Denver, CO

Janet R. Davis
Chicago, IL

Thomas L. David
Indianapolis, IN

Bernice B. Donald
Memphis, TN

Matthew J. Evans
Knoxville, TN

Natalie T. Furniss
Columbus, OH

Saba B. Hashem
North Andover, MA

Antonio Laron Jeffrey
Chicago, IL

Kermit Kendrick
Birmingham, AL

Peter J. Neeson
Philadelphia, PA

Dick A. Semerdjian
San Diego, CA

Wesley Sunu
Chicago, IL

John R. Tarpley
Nashville, TN

G. Glennon Troublefield
Roseland, NJ

Staff Liason Mary Ann Peter
Chicago, IL



If you have questions regarding any aspect of the TIPS Leadership Academy, please contact Theresa Livingston at 312-988-6155 or