February 17, 2017

TIPS Now! Fellows Scholarship

Scholarship Announcement And Application

The Tort Trial & Insurance Practice Section of the American Bar Association (TIPS) is pleased to announce the TIPS NOW! Scholarship program that provides leadership opportunities for young lawyers. As a leader within the YLD, we recognize that you have many opportunities to become involved in bar-related organizations and activities. Your participation in the Young Lawyers Division evidences your commitment to professional development and your desire to network with other attorneys, who share your enthusiasm, interests and goals. We encourage you to apply for this scholarship. TIPS NOW! will provide young lawyers with key appointments in TIPS, as well as mentoring and other programs that assist with the integration of young lawyers into TIPS.

Download the TIPS NOW! Scholarship Application

TIPS NOW! Fellows Scholarship and Application

TIPS NOW! is a leadership initiative that brings young leaders into TIPS. Five to six Fellows will be chosen to fill the TIPS NOW! class of 2017-2018. The Fellows will be appointed to funded positions on TIPS standing committees, such as Membership and Long-Range Planning. The Fellows will help with membership initiatives and will also serve on the TIPS Committee on Outreach to Young Lawyers. Additionally, the TIPS NOW! Fellows will work together as a committee to produce a tangible work product for TIPS during the course of the year. The Fellows will be required to attend meetings held in conjunction with the ABA Midyear Meeting, as well as a Fall Conference, typically held in October, and a Section Conference, typically held in May.

The TIPS NOW! Class of 2017-18 will be diverse in terms of practice area (plaintiff, defense and corporate counsel), gender and race, and will have demonstrated involvement in bar association and non-bar related activities. There is no requirement that the applicant presently be a member of TIPS. However, any person chosen as a scholarship recipient must be an ABA member and join the Tort Trial & Insurance Practice Section.

Although letters of recommendation are not required, an applicant may submit up to two, if so desired. Winners will be notified in May, 2017. For additional information, please contact Linda Wiley at linda.wiley@americanbar.org

Please submit the completed online application by March 1, 2017

For enrollment in a committee of the Tort Trial & Insurance Practice Section. NOTE: If you are already a Tort Trial & Insurance Practice Section member, you may join any committee at no additional cost. However, if you are not a Section member, you must join the Tort Trial & Insurance Practice Section first. If you have any questions regarding participation in TIPS Committees contact our Membership Specialist Linda Wiley or call 312-988-5673.


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