May 23, 2017

Robert B. McKay Law Professor Award

The Robert B. McKay Law Professor Award was created to honor those law professors who have shown commitment to the advancement of justice, scholarship, and the legal profession, demonstrated by outstanding contributions to the fields of tort, trial practice, or insurance law. The award is given out at the ABA Annual Meeting and recipients must be able to attend the meeting in order to accept the award in person.

Robert B. McKay Law Professor Award Recipients

2017: Jeffrey Stempel

2016: Jane Stapleton

2015: Judge Guido Calabresi

2014: Terence F. MacCarthy

2013: Tom Baker

2012: Laurence M. Rose

2011: James A. Henderson Jr.

2010: Dan B. Dobbs

2009: Charles M. Silver

2008: Ronald A. Cass

2007: Aaron Twerski

2006: Ellen Pryor

2005: Marshall S. Shapo

2004: Edward F. Sherman

2003: William Powers, Jr.

2002: Deborah Hensler

2001: Richard A. Posner

2000: Kenneth S. Abraham

1999: Robert E. Keeton

1998: Roger C. Henderson

1997: Robert L. Rabin

1996: Andrew F. Popper

1995: Charles Alan Wright

1994: V. Robert Payant

1993: John R. Kircher

1992: Jeffrey O’Connell

1991: Spencer Kimball

1990: Robert McKay

1989: James Ghiardi

1988: W. Page Keeton & John Wade